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Mobile Office Solutions for Small Business

Girl Boss? Try this mobile office solution! I used to take 4 trips from my office to the dining room table, just to tote all my stuff: planner, computer, iPad, iPhone… Inevitably I would sit down to work and realize I didn’t have my favorite fountain pen … so back to my desk I’d go. Okay, I have my pen … two minutes later, I recognized I didn’t have my notebook. So back to my desk I’d go and this would repeat itself several times throughout the morning. Does this sound familiar? Well … thanks to my friend Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree, she helped me solve my problem with this mobile office solution.

Why Do You NEED A Mobile Office?

Well if you’re like me and can’t sit still and enjoy the freedom of movement, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at a desk for an entire day. And if you have the desk in my office it means you’re in the center of the house with no windows, stuck looking at a wall. Not my idea of inspiring. So, most days I “work” at the dining room table or on the deck. In the winter I work in front of the fire or on the couch near the fire.

Here’s the hard part though in order to be that mobile, it means you can’t tote your entire desk with you. But if you move around there are things that you are going to need to take with you wherever you are. My friend Ginger (who I’m collaborating with this month and got to vacation with in July) showed me her awesome mobile office solution (a cute basket) which inspired me to make my own.

What’s In My Mobile Office:

  • Mobile Office Solutions for Small Business | CLICK to learn more #girlboss
    Katie Oskin of KatersAcres Mobile Office

    Water brushes for my water color palette (not shown because I was using it)…

  • My beloved “Writing Mug” which was made by a woodworker in our church and contains my fountain pens [My favorite of which is a Noodler’s Nib Creaper [buy on Amazon here, buy from Goulet Pens here] and Noodler’s Konrad Acrylic in Tinian Treasure from Goulet Pens]. My writing mug also contains my Apple Pencil for my iPad.
  • Chic Sparrow Traveler’s Notebook (Carrie Harling Purple – Gemini II, retired) which contains my planner, calendar, and hundreds of notes.
  • A middle pocket for chapstick, post-its, and my water-bottle (not shown because it was in my hand).
  • The long back pocket holds my notebook, a magazine I’m currently reading, my iPad, Kindle, and another traveler’s notebook from Chic Sparrow in wide American Dream, and my laptop too.
  • The outer pockets include a phone charger, lightning cable, USB stick, washi tape, small scissors, glue stick, stickers, mints, gum, and anything else I found myself needing and had to go to my desk for.
  • Tote is from JoAnn Fabrics, Buttercream Tote in Elizabeth

What to Put in Yours

Mobile Office Solutions for Small Business | CLICK to learn more #girlboss
Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree‘s Mobile Office Basket

Each and every mobile office is different and will contain different things based on your needs, your small business, and your lifestyle. Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree writes this about hers:

“Note that it has a space for notebooks, pens, glasses, a little bin for post-its, gum, lip gloss, SD cards, etc. And there’s a whole section to hold a drink. Because when I am working on the couch on the laptop, there’s no place to put a drink without it falling over. This solves that problem, too. When I move, I just put my mouse and phone in that bin and carry the laptop and the basket in one arm and the other hand is free to carry a book or the mail or whatever. Or open a door. Of the notebooks in the back, one is my personal journal, one is my editorial calendar, and one is my work brainstorming notebook.”

How will you become “portable” and work in any environment with your own mobile office solution? Will you also utilize this awesome mobile office solution? I’ve already convinced my best friend Carrie that she needs this. I can’t wait to see your stocked mobile offices too. Be sure to share pictures of your mobile offices in our FaceBook Group.

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  1. Excellent ideas. I’ll have to fashion one for myself. Thanks!

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