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Top Shelf Polymer Clay Books by KatersAcres | My complete list of highly recommended "must have" books for every polymer clay studio

I Collect Books

For those who know me, I mean really know me, they know that for years I’ve had my head in books. Whether for college, grad school, theology, fun, or crafting. I love them! There’s just something about books that makes me happy. There’s something about reading that makes me happy too. In fact, not only do I have more than enough real books, I have over 200 on my Kindle right now as we speak. I generally read up to 4 books at a time: mostly sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, or period fiction. Over the 3 years or so that I’ve had my Kindle, it has become my best friend. And the fact that I can read from my app anywhere too … well, let’s just say I read a lot. It’s a hobby. It’s a pastime. And often it’s a compulsion.

Top Shelf Polymer Clay Books by KatersAcres | My complete list of highly recommended "must have" books for every polymer clay studio

Top Shelf Polymer Clay Books

This being said, I have almost every book every published for polymer, going back all the way into the 1980’s when polymer first appeared & made it big in the American market. This being said, only the best polymer books make it to the “top shelf” right above where I clay. These books are my favorites. They are the ones I grab for inspiration. They are the ones that I never let out of my studio. So which polymer clay books are they? You’re about to find out! Here’s a brief synopsis of those books, who they are for, links to full reviews, & why they are there.

  • Books by Christi Friesen – Recommended for everyone
    • Steampunkery Polymer Clay Book by Christi FriesenSteampunkery — Definitely one of my favorites, I purchased a 2nd copy I loved it so much, because I broke the binding on my first copy. 🙁
    • Book 1: Dragons — One of my favorites and a “must have” if you like fantasy
    • Book 2: Welcome to the  Jungle
    • Book 3: Under the Sea
    • Book 4: Cats, Big & Small
    • Book 5: Down Under
    • Book 6: Birds of a Feather
    • Book 6: Birds (Revised & Expanded Hobby Lobby Edition)
    • Book 7: Woodland Creatures
    • Flourish: Flora – What a FANTASTIC book. It’s Christi’s newest and if you’re into “nature,” don’t miss out on this one.
    • Mixed Media & Polymer Clay Together at Last – My least favorite of all the books, but still a fantastic book to have

Purchase Christi Friesen Books on Amazon Here

Please note that not all of Christi’s books are still available. Some are out of print.

I Love it So Much, I’ve Had TWO Copies

My favorite polymer clay book for reference, quick ideas, & color schemes is The Complete Books of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka (Read my full review here). This is the main book that we will be using for those who are participating in the Pavelka Project. If you want to journey with us through this book, be sure to sign up now. I recommend this book for everyone.

What Are Your Favorite Polymer Clay Books?

Do you have a favorite polymer clay book? What is it & why is it your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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