The Magic of a Bic Ball Point Pen

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Girly-Girl Glittery Polymer Clay Covered Pen by KatersAcres

You Can Do What?

What can polymer clay and a bic pen do? LOTS!

I absolutely love meeting new polymer clay artists.  The first thing they say when I ask if they have made a pen yet is: “You can do that?”  I giggle to myself and tell them, yes, you can do that.  It’s a simple, easy, & basic project.  Even for beginners.  This is not the first time that I have written about polymer clay pens, feel free to click the link to see some awesome talent.  Tomorrow I am releasing a NEW tutorial on YouTube, just for you wonderful folks on how to cover a polymer clay pen.

Fun to Create & to Keep

Polymer Clay Pen BookPolymer clay pens are so much fun to create and to keep that there’s even been books written about cute & unique designs you can make yourself!  From simple shapes and figures, millefiori cane covered pens, and even pens that double as note holders.  There are so many cute pen designs to create.

Polymer Clay Pen Tutorial by KatersAcres

Here on my blog tomorrow, I will be offering a FREE video tutorial on covering a basic Bic pen (as shown above) with glitter.  It’s a girly-girly kind of a pen (at least the one I show in the tutorial), but it’s great for a beginner or someone who has never worked with clay.

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1 thought on “The Magic of a Bic Ball Point Pen

  1. Thanks for sharing this Katie. I love creating pens, one year I gave them as stocking stuffers. They make great gifts and look so pretty on the desk or in a pen holder. 🙂 That PolyPens book looks like it’s filled with fun pen projects! Looking forward to your tut.

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