Polymer Clay Work Surface, Marble Tile

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Polymer Clay Marble Tile Work Surface from KatersAcres | CLICK to watch a video and read more

There are lots of options for a polymer clay work surface. Which one should you use and why should you use it? Here’s the polymer clay work surface that I use and the reasons why a marble tile is my choice.

Marble Tile Polymer Clay Work Surface

There are many options for polymer clay artists regarding which work surface they may choose to work on. Opinions on polymer clay work surfaces are varied and rightfully so. Every person has a preference and a reason why they choose to work on the surface that they do. When I was first using clay I worked on a wooden table with a self-healing mat and a piece of copy paper on top of it. After about 2 years of claying, I needed something more rugged, sturdier, and something that could work easily for a sculptor. I had read a lot about using ceramic tiles as work surfaces and while I baked on them, it was not my ideal choice for sculpting. It was then that I arrived at my favorite polymer clay work surface, a marble tile.

Why I Use a Marble Tile

I use a marble tile for one main reason. As a sculptor, polymer clay can sometimes get too soft and mushy when you have been working for a long time. If the figurine or sculpture I am working on is small, this is generally not a problem. But if I am spending hours at my table, I want something that will naturally stay cool and not warm up to the temperature of the clay or my body heat. It was then that I arrived at the marble tile to use as my polymer clay work surface. I know that I’m NOT the first person to work on marble, nor will I be the last.

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What Else Can You Use?

  • Printer paper, Wax Paper, or Deli Sheets – when all else fails, paper is a great option and it can go right into your oven with your project on the paper if necessary.
  • Ceramic tiles – A very cheap option with ceramic tiles from your local hardware store starting around $0.39 each. This option can also go direct into the oven.
  • Glass – Many people work on just a piece of glass like from a picture frame. Teresa Pandora Salgado is one of the many people to use this option.
  • Tempered Glass – Some artists (Cindy Leitz included) use tempered glass to work on. Tempered glass can also go right into the oven.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Work Surface, Marble Tile

  1. Can you tell me where you purchased your marble slab and what its called for me to look it up? Thank you for your info its great information.

    1. Sure thing! I got mine at my local hardware store. It’s a 12×12″ marble flooring tile. It’s about 3/4″ thick. It’s very heavy and weighs about 7 pounds. I wouldn’t order it online, I’d just go to HomeDepot, Lowe’s or whatever other ‘Big Box’ Hardware store you have and purchase one off the shelf. Mine was between $10-12 dollars. It was not terribly expensive but it is durable and cooling for your clay.

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