Polymer Clay Tips: Productivity in Your Studio

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Polymer Clay Tips from KatersAcres

How to Be Productive in Your Studio

Helping each of you with polymer clay tips is one of those things that I really love!  Why? Because I love helping people. I love helping you succeed and I love helping you on your creative journeys. I hope some of these small tips help you achieve your goals in your studio.  So, without any further ado, let’s get on with it, shall we?

There are lots of things that I can tell you as far as polymer clay tips and working with clay.  However, today I wanted to tell you about some things that I do in my studio to help with my productivity, work flow, and time.

Always Leave Plenty of Time

Sculpted Face Paint Brush by Katie OskinMany of us are guilty of not giving ourselves “enough” time to create our pieces. Instead we say things like “well I only have an hour, let’s get something done.” And then because we made something we feel pressured to sell it or give it away as a gift. Instead we need to learn to take that time to spend working on a piece and not feel pressured to bake it if it isn’t perfect or exactly what we envisioned. The reality is we need to stop selling ourselves short.

We will actually be more productive in our studios if we give ourselves enough time to sufficiently work. When we do that, we will create more usable pieces that we love that we will be honored to display,  sell, and give to friends. [Get monthly sculpting & tips here]

Know Where Are Your Tools & Supplies Are First

KatersAcres Studio WorkstationOne of the biggest things that slowest down most people and their productivity is not knowing where their tools and supplies are when you get started. I like my studio nice and tidy as it helps me find everything and know exactly where all my tools and supplies are and even within reach. I can’t tell you how much easier this makes my sculpting time. Besides being less stress inducing, it is more streamlined and a much more enjoyable sculpting session.

Get Help From Color Palettes

Polymer Clay Winter Blooms Color Palette by KatersAcres | Click for more polymer clay tutorials, hints, tips, & tricksMy next polymer clay productivity tip comes from something I do often.  Do you ever have an idea block?  I do.  But my solution has always been a fun and easy one: use a color palette!  When you just don’t know what to create, by using a color palette, it allows your mind to “let go” of any preconceived notions of what you are intending to make and grasp onto something that’s inspired solely by color.  It’s a lot of fun too!  On days when I go into the studio with ZERO ideas and begin with a pleasing color palette, I almost always can make 2-6 things based solely on ideas that came from that palette.  So in order to stop the “meandering” in your studio, give this polymer clay tip a try.

See my Color Palette Prompts here * See my Color Recipes Here

Do NOT Be Afraid

Squished Polymer Clay Face by KatersAcresFor newer polymer clay artists, they face a project or challenge and are so afraid to “mess up” that they do not try.  What I tell to those who are new to claying is do NOT be afraid.  After all, nothing is permanent until it is baked.  So go ahead, do not be afraid and try that new technique.  Do not expect to master it on the first try – you won’t.  But if you like the technique, the more you try and the more you do, the more you will love it and the better you will become at it. Besides how do you know you won’t like it until you try it? [Try a new tutorial here]

So the moral of today’s polymer clay productivity lesson? Give yourself some time, get organized, when in doubt make some pretty colors and try something new!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, go play in your studio today.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,





4 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Tips: Productivity in Your Studio

  1. I find it hard to be a beginner again, but I persevere in my attempts at learning this new art. I have made a suggestion for myself to spend time both on creating a product and experimenting with a new skill. So, I am planning to make some beads, which I have done successfully before, but also to spend some time rolling lentil beads until I can do them or messing with blends until i see how to handle the clay more skillfully. 🙂

  2. Thank God that there are people like you in this world.. thank you for all your tips, you are very helpful for people that is begining this process like me.
    I am from Honduras were I cannot find any of this materials but I have a cousin that brought me some polymer clay from the US and I have try to work on it. Your tips have let me a lot and have show me how great is this and I know what I am passionate about.

  3. Valuable tips for the stoneware potters out there as well. :)… Suh as I myself.

    Thank you!


  4. I love your creations. I have learned so much from you that I use every day on my doodles. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are to so many of us.

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