Polymer Clay Q & A – Episode 3: Supplies, Creatures, Engagement, & Warming Clay

Posted on September 12, 2016 in Hints, Tips, & Tricks by Katie Oskin

Polymer Clay Q & A

Polymer Clay Q & A with Katie of KatersAcres - Episode 3 | Supplies, Creature Feature, Engagement, & Warming Clay

Polymer Clay Supplies, Creature Feature, Engagement & Warming of Clay

Polymer Clay Q & A – Episode 3

Welcome back to another episode of “Q & A” with KatersAcres. I hope to do many more of these in the future, but in order to do them, you need to post your questions in the comments below. Your questions will be answered in a future video. I am trying to keep each video to about 10-12 minutes so that I might answer these questions as thoroughly as possible. Below you will see a timed step-out of the video if you would like to watch just a certain portion of the video.

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Here’s what you will see in the video today:

  • 0:40 – From Natasha Madden – How many supplies do you keep on hand? How much clay do you have on hand? Are your designs made-to-order or ready so ship?
  • 3:56 – From Virginia Michelini – How do you plan a creature and when to feature it?
  • 6:18 – From Phoebe Kitcher – How do you get people engaged when they come to your house to play with clay?
  • 8:47 – From Lisa Thompson – Should I be warming clay canes and veneers up before cutting them to keep them from cracking & splitting.

Watch Episode 3:


YouTube Parker GraphicI’m so glad you were able to join me today. Do not forget to leave your questions in the comments below or on my YouTube video. You never know, your question may be the next one answered.

Happy Claying,


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