Translucent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake and Bond

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Transluscent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake & Bond

Translucent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake & Bond

Transluscent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake & Bond

Despite what you may have heard, there are difference in Sculpey (Polyform’s) two liquid clay products. Translucent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake & Bond will help you decide how to use each product and understand the differences in the two. While at times you may be able to use them interchangeably, that is NOT always the case. This video will tell you a little bit about those differences and how to use them. Here’s a little information in this brief overview that may help you distinguish between the two.

Transluscent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)

Often referred to as “liquid clay” this is a versatile medium. It has a wide variety of uses, some of which I will note below. I find that this medium works best alone (window clings, faux stained glass, etc) or as a coating to seal beads or even to make faux lamp work beads. This product can also be used to cover porous surfaces prior to adding polymer clay (like covering pens).

CONSISTENCY: Thin and runny as compared to Bake & Bond. Very slick and slippery. Raw clay will often “droop” on bakes clay when this product is used.

Bake & Bond

This is what I use over and over again in my sculptural work and related polymer clay projects. Bake & Bond is great to bond non-polymer items to polymer. So if you are doing a mixed media project, using this to adhere metal is a great option. Using Bake & Bond to secure clay over armatures is another great use.

CONSISTENCY: Very thick as compared to TLS. It’s very sticky as well. Will NOT cause/allow clay to droop due to its thick consistency. This is NOT suitable to use as a coating to seal beads. It is far too thick and not translucent enough.

Translucent Liquid Sculpey vs Bake & Bond


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