Glow in the Dark Clay Product Review & Help

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Polyform Glow in the Dark Clays

The new Polyform Premo! by Sculpey Glow in the Dark clay is wonderful; except for one thing … because it is brand new, it is hard to sculpt with because it’s so soft. This video will walk you through a few helpful hints, tips, & tricks for making this and Sculpey III’s Glow a little easier to manage.

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Crystal Katana vs. Pick-Up Pencil

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Easy Sharpen White Wax Pick-Up Pencil | Polymer Clay & Craft Tool

You know that I want you to spend money where it counts and save money when you can. I want you to buy the best, high quality tools that you can afford that will enhance your work and last a lifetime. But sometimes the best tools don’t always come with the highest price tag. For July, here’s my review of the Crystal Katana vs. the White Pick-Up Pencil and which you need to have in your tool arsenal.

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2019 Polyform Products Lineup

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The 2019 Polyform Products Lineup is pretty impressive this year. With a host of new products hitting the shelves and many already available at your local retailer, these tools will hit it big for a wide variety of disciplines in polymer clay. It’s no secret that Premo! is my favorite brand of polymer clay and one I readily rely on for all my projects. It’s relatively easy to condition compared to other clay brands, it has a versatile and wide color palette, and because of its true pigment properties the colors you think you will end up with when you create color blends & custom colors you actually get.

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Product Review: Original Sculpey

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Original Sculpey gets some really bad press and sometimes for good reason. It’s a very brittle and hard to sculpt with clay straight out of the box, but there’s a few tricks that you can use to get this clay into great working order and use it to sculpt with in your studio. So today not only am I sharing a product review, but some tips and tricks on getting the most from your original Sculpey and how to get it working for you so you too can learn to sculpt with it.

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Groove Life Silicone Wedding Ring for Polymer Clay

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Maybe by now you are familiar with the non-metal wedding ring, and maybe you’re asking yourself what that has (if anything) to do with polymer clay. Back at the beginning of 2017 I did a WIP Wednesday post about some very necessary supplies, one of which was my Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring [not an affiliate link]. You might think that this isn’t an important supply, but it is a lifesaver and I’m going to tell you why you might like to opt for one too.

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Christi Friesen Glitter Balm Review

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Polymer Clay Glitter Balm Review by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Product Review

Christi Friesen’s Glitter Balms

It’s been a very long time since I did a product review for a polymer clay item. Many of you (my darling readers) know that I only review products that I love. There are a of really great products on the market, a lot of really bad products on the market, and some okay products on the market. I happened to pick up several jars of this product on my Christi Friesen Weekend and fell in love with it immediately, came home & purchased the rest of the collection. So, in terms of products, where does this one rank: Love, Meh, or Blech? It’s pure love baby! Christi Friesen Glitter Balms are one of those really awesome products!

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Studio by Sculpey Tools

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Studio By Sculpey Tools Review

I have written two separate posts on polymer clay tools.  The first post was an overview of some of the tools that I use daily, feel free to check out that post here.  The second was just a few weeks ago and was a “tool review” of what tools every sculptor (or clayer) should have in their toolbox.  Today I’m going to review the very first set of tools that I ever purchase for myself: Studio by Sculpey Tools, the 5 piece set.

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Fimo Deco Gel Product Review

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Fimo Deco Gel

Polymer Clay Product Review

Fimo Deco Gel Polymer Clay Product Review on KatersAcres Polymer Clay Blog

I love reading reviews about products before I buy them.  In fact, most of the time I don’t buy a product unless I’ve read a review.  This doesn’t just apply to my purchases for my studio but also to other purchases like Kindle books.  So, let’s just say that reviewing products by looking over the customer reviews is a necessary evil (for me) before I purchase something.  So, this being said, I have been asked by several of you my opinions as well as to do a Fimo Deco Gel review.  So today, that’s exactly what we’re going to do! Continue reading Fimo Deco Gel Product Review