Glow in the Dark Clay Product Review & Help

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Polyform Glow in the Dark Clays

The new Polyform Premo! by Sculpey Glow in the Dark clay is wonderful; except for one thing … because it is brand new, it is hard to sculpt with because it’s so soft. This video will walk you through a few helpful hints, tips, & tricks for making this and Sculpey III’s Glow a little easier to manage.

Glow in the Dark Clay is Amazing:

Polyform Glow in the Dark Clays
  • Sure you can buy glow powders (in a variety of colors too) to add to your clay, but glow in the dark clay itself is a far better solution as it has better and more thorough coverage and a far better brightness to its ‘glowability’.
  • Premo used to make a gorgeous [and far superior] glow in the dark clay to the Sculpey III clay that’s been available for the past several years.
  • This past fall (2019) Polyform released a new glow clay as a limited edition run. It was gobbled up by polymer enthusiasts across the world in just a few hours.
  • It was so popular that Polyform decided to add it to the regular line again … and aren’t we so grateful?!
  • But as a sculptor, the clay is SO new, it hasn’t had time to sit and get a little “hard.” And for that reason it can be difficult to sculpt with. So here’s a few tips to help you overcome this small obstacle.

Watch the Video to Learn More:

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