Product Review: Craft Paints Overview

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Craft Paint Shelf in KatersAcres Studio

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I regularly recommend using acrylic craft paints over high-end artist acrylic paints. But like any art product, there are both good and bad craft paints. This product review is a bit of a guide to help aid you in what kind of craft paints are better for you to invest in.

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LC Machine REVIEW | Best Polymer Clay Conditioning Machine REVIEW

Lucy Clay Tools: Clay Conditioning Machine

LC Machine Review

There are a wide variety of clay conditioning machines [better known as ‘pasta machines’] on the market today. If you watched my unboxing of the LC Machine, you are likely eager to know what I think. Here’s my thoughts on the LC Machine.

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Inkadinkado Blending Chalks with Polymer Clay

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Inkadinkado Blending Chalks Review for Polymer Clay by KatersAcres

Studio Favorites:

Inkadinkado Blending Chalks

for Use with Polymer Clay

I’m going to take some time to share some of my favorites things in my studio that I use with polymer clay. Today I’m going to share my Inkadinkado Blending Chalk set with you. I have also shared how I use them in this blog post, make sure you catch that too.

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Embossing Die Company

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Embossing Die Company Product Review by KatersAcres

Introducing the Embossing Die Company

Embossing Die Company Stamps Review by KatersAcres

I’d like to introduce you to Steve from the Embossing Die Company. Steve was very generous in sending me samples of his product to review, play with, and share the results with all of you! Although the Embossing Die Company was gracious enough to provide me with samples of their product, the review that follows is my 100% honest thought & critique.

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Tutorial Review: Holo Effects by Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree

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Get the Details, See Some of My Results, & Get a Special Bonus for a Limited Time

Ginger Davis Allman

Ginger Davis Allman of the Blue Bottle Tree

I love introducing new people to you here on my blog. Please know that I am very selective in who gets a showcase opportunity on my blog. For the most part, the artists who are featured here I have developed relationships with over the course of several weeks or months. Ginger is no exception … but yet she is. In a previous post today, I spoke to you about how wonderful Ginger is and gushed over her a little bit. I try not to do this often, as some of my guests find it a tad embarrassing. However, what I want each of my readers to understand is that Ginger truly is a very special person.

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Polymer Clay Brand Review for Sculptors

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Polymer Clay Blocks

“I only use one brand of polymer clay.”

Has someone said this to you before?  Or have you said it yourself?  Maybe someone has said to you, “I only use Fimo Classic polymer clay.”  In either case, I call this the “polymer clay snob syndrome.”  I’ll be honest, I too prefer a certain brand of clay over others, however, I will use whatever I have and often times clay that I have found on sale or on clearance.  So why am I against “polymer clay snob syndrome?”

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