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Embossing Die Company Product Review by KatersAcres

Introducing the Embossing Die Company

Embossing Die Company Stamps Review by KatersAcres

I’d like to introduce you to Steve from the Embossing Die Company. Steve was very generous in sending me samples of his product to review, play with, and share the results with all of you! Although the Embossing Die Company was gracious enough to provide me with samples of their product, the review that follows is my 100% honest thought & critique.

What & Who Is the Embossing Die Company?

Direct from their Etsy store, here is a little about the Embossing Die Company:

All of our stamps are Made in the U.S.A. (New York). The stamps come with a lifetime guarantee……if, at any time, you are unhappy with the impression they make, simply return the stamp and a new stamp will be sent to you. Therefore, you never have to worry about them “wearing out”.

In working with Steve, I must say that he is prompt,  friendly, and my stamps arrived in less than 5 days after speaking with Steve. He is so fast in processing your order!

What Are the Stamps Made Of?

Traditional Rubber Stamps vs. Embossing Die Company Stamps Review by KatersAcresUnlike other stamps that I have used with my clay, these stamps hold even the finest of details. They are not the traditional rubber material, but rather are made from a plastic material. Direct from Steve:

The stamps are made from a very hard plastic (a homo polymer resin), but since they ARE plastic, they cannot be used with heat (the melting point of the plastic is 350 degree Fahrenheit). They are NOT made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is hand wash only, cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, and cannot have prolonged exposure to moisture or hot water.

Here’s a comparison of my signature that finds its way onto the backs of 90% of my designs and Steve’s new stamps.

Comparison of Traditional Rubber vs. Embossing Die Company Stamps

You can see the difference in the photo above between a traditional rubber stamp and the Embossing Die Company Stamps. I have several thoughts on the differences, both pros & cons.


  • Crisp, clean, gorgeous images … even the tiniest of stamps retain their detail, which is amazing! Rubber stamps can not do this near as well.
  • Easy to hold & easy to use.
  • Takes very little effort to embed the stamp into the clay. The edges are so sharp they are almost like little “cutters” that embed deep into the clay leaving behind clean & crisp lines.


  • Because the plastic the stamps are made of is opaque, it is difficult to see exactly where you are placing your designs.
  • In many cases rubber stamps can be used to gently join clay together. These stamps are sharp enough that it cuts into the clay slightly and does not create a bond like a traditional rubber stamp would.

Biggest Advantage:

Embossing Die Company Stamps Review by KatersAcresThe biggest advantage to the Embossing Die Company’s stamps are their ability to retain even the tiniest of details! Look at the Parker stamps shown at right. The first stamp is about 1″ (with the smallest being approximately 1/4″ in size). Look how Parker has retained and held his details.

Being a miniature artist, the ability to retain details in the tiniest of places is paramount to our work. These awesome stamps do this so well! I am so elated with the way that Parker turned out. I have had custom stamps made in the past for my design work and Steve’s stamps from the Embossing Die Company far surpass anything that I have ever purchased.


Embossing Die Company Stamps Review by KatersAcresThe applications for these stamps are endless. Not only can you use them with your store’s logo, signature, or mascot (like Parker) but you can order your own custom stamps in a variety of designs & ideas that Steve will custom make for you.

The “stamp” portion of these designs would be great to use with a “backfilling” technique with polymer clay (tutorial coming soon). Embossing die company also makes reverse stamps. I received a reverse image Parker which is gorgeous in its detail as well. These stamps would work fantastically for the Sutton Slice or backfilling as well. However, with the reverse design (as far as Parker goes) I have found it the hardest to control. I tried over a dozen times to get a clean impression. You can see from the photo that there is still blur. This is a user issue! In other words … I need practice with this stamp. This is in NO WAY a problem with the product, rather with me, so should not be taken into account with this product.

Additional mediums include (and are not limited to): pottery, leather work, soap making, embossed paper crafting, and more.

Embossing Die Company Information:

Where to Purchase: You can purchase the Embossing Die Company stamps direct from Steve (email him here) or from his Etsy shop.

Sizes of Stamps & Pricing: Stamp prices for designs 1.5″ and under begin at $35. Contact Steve for additional pricing & sizing information.

Embossing Die Company Product Review by KatersAcres


Many thanks to Steve for offering each of YOU, $5 off your order from Embossing Die Company.

All you have to do to get this special offer is mention “KatersAcres” in your notes upon checkout and you will receive your $5 discount. Thanks, Steve!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned here was sent free of charge by Steve at the Embossing Die Company. All reviews presented here are honest & 100% my own.
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