Sculpting Santa Book Review

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Sculpting Santa Polymer Clay Book Review by KatersAcres

By Michele Barrow-Bélisle

The Promotional Front-Matter

It’s the promotional front-matter that sells books for the most part, right? Right. Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

Create a beautiful one of a kind life-like Santa figure with the this inspiring book. Filled with easy to follow instructions, tips and techniques by professional artist and sculptor Michele Barrow-Belisle, this book will guide you to create your own polymer clay sculptures.

Here’s What I Say

Sculpting Santa Polymer Clay Book Review by KatersAcres

First … there’s literally nothing to compare to a new polymer clay book in your hands. I love the excitement when I order it, the surprise when I get it, and devouring it like I haven’t had a new book in forever (which is not the truth because I am an avid reader). This being said …

I truly loved this book. I have several books on sculpting human-like figures, but this one is probably one of the best I have. Michele has an easy going writing style, her instructions are easy to explain, and she (like other authors) makes it look so easy. I will say that compared to the other books on sculpting that I have, Michele uses some techniques that are a little different … and that I actually like.

She spends plenty of time showing good photos and explaining in details what the pictures are trying to show you. This book does not spend a lot of time on choosing clay, tools, etc. And … I like that about it. I like it because you can read that in so many polymer clay books that at times it feels like wasted ink. Michele gets straight to the point and dives into the sculpting aspect.

Sculpting portions include: Santa’s face, teeth, ears, neck, and hands with meticulous details to make a realistic hand. There are even some good details on adding washes of color to your baked Santa parts. Including a brief discussion on why the author uses Genesis heat set paints.

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Additional Thoughts

For a full sculpting book on the human figure (in particular Santa Claus) it is relatively short at only 52 pages. These 52 pages include a “Notes” section for the reader to write in, as well as the reference & links pages.

Probably my least favorite part is that this is a very short book with a very high price tag at $28.60. However, it’s Christmas … and buying yourself a ‘how to sculpt Santa’ book is merry.

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