Crystal Katana vs. Pick-Up Pencil

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Easy Sharpen White Wax Pick-Up Pencil | Polymer Clay & Craft Tool

You know that I want you to spend money where it counts and save money when you can. I want you to buy the best, high quality tools that you can afford that will enhance your work and last a lifetime. But sometimes the best tools don’t always come with the highest price tag. For July, here’s my review of the Crystal Katana vs. the White Pick-Up Pencil and which you need to have in your tool arsenal.

The Crystal Katana

The Crystal Katana runs at a cost of approximately $20-$25 depending on where you get it and at what time of year. There are also imitation versions of this popular tool now made, so many that I have not tried nor tested any of those on the market. They will run you anywhere from $12-18, plus shipping.

The Old Fashioned White Wax Pick-up Pencil

White Wax Pick Up Pencil

The wax pick up pencil can be purchased for as little as $1 ea (plus shipping) and sometimes cheaper if you are willing to wait on the slow boat from China but you have to buy a huge quantity that you will never use in your lifetime. Or – surprise – you can get it right here in my new tools section of my store! And as a Club Member, you even get a discount.

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