Short Blades Product Review

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Many people wonder why I use short blades; and even more people wonder where I get them and why I don’t use real tissue blades. There’s a method to my madness, I promise.

The Secrets of My Short Blades:

  • These are standard floor scraping blades you get at Lowe’s, HomeDepot, Ace Hardware, or similar shops. They are a 3.5″ blade made to put into a floor scraping handle.
  • These blades are heavy duty, ultra sharp, and very durable. Plus they more than withstand the test of time and last for months and even years with proper care.
  • The best part about these blades is that they are not hard to find and they are not expensive. This makes them a perfect choice as rarely in the sculpting world do you use blades to sculpt with, but just to portion and cut clay.

Watch the Video to Learn More:

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