Product Review: Original Sculpey

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Original Sculpey gets some really bad press and sometimes for good reason. It’s a very brittle and hard to sculpt with clay straight out of the box, but there’s a few tricks that you can use to get this clay into great working order and use it to sculpt with in your studio. So today not only am I sharing a product review, but some tips and tricks on getting the most from your original Sculpey and how to get it working for you so you too can learn to sculpt with it.

Tips & Tricks for Using Original Sculpey:

  • Leach clay prior to use.
  • Add 50% of another type of clay to your Original Sculpey to help firm up the clay and make it more usable/workable.
  • Consider adding Super Sculpey to significantly firm up clay and add a semi-translucent quality.
  • Check out the Fluffy Clay recipe for more on this!
  • Do NOT over condition this clay, even once mixed with another clay. Over conditioning makes this clay too pliable and hard to work with.

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