Polymer Clay Lessons

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What if you could take polymer clay lessons from the comfort of your own home? And what if those polymer clay lessons were tailored to you and your needs? Wouldn’t it be even better if those lessons were one-on-one just you and the instructor! Well, now is your opportunity. Many people can afford the cost of a basic workshop, but when it comes to the cost of travel and lodging, that’s where the real challenge arises. Let’s bring the workshop, class, and instruction virtually, right into your home.

Individualized Polymer Clay Lessons

I’m so excited to bring this wonderful opportunity to you. This has been a highly requested addition to our monthly Club membership and many tutorials. These virtual lessons are highly personalized and individually planned for each and every student. The polymer clay lessons are tailored to your individual needs. How great is that?! Personalized. Individualized. No matter what your need or area of concern. You choose what you need help with or what project you would like to work on and leave the rest to me. No area is left out: whether sculpting details, basic shape mastery, color composition, features & expressions, or whatever your preferences are.

These lessons are tailor to beginner and intermediate sculptors and polymer clay students. These lessons are perfect for those who wish to expand their knowledge of polymer clay and its usability as a sculpting medium. These lessons are also perfect for those who need more individualized help with a particular project and more tailored guidance and advice. These polymer clay lesson are also for those students who want to have a better grasp of whimsical sculpting and how to achieve that look, persona, and personality.

These lessons are NOT for jewelry makers, caners, or advanced artists.

Structure of the Polymer Clay Lessons

When you purchase the virtual lesson, you are purchasing a 2 hour block of time. This is your “class.” You may purchase more than one class at any one time. Purchasing this class will send me your preferred time that you have chosen from a calendar of class options. Once I approve that time [this is to ensure it fits into my schedule] then I will book your class and you will get a confirmation email.

Following this confirmation email, we will need to schedule your preliminary “meet session” where we will meet simply to discuss what you’d like to learn and what you’d like to work on during your polymer clay lesson(s).  This preliminary meet session will be anywhere from 10-30 minutes long. Your live lesson will be 2 hours long. You can book as many lessons as you would like. Each lesson is a flat cost as shown.

Why Should You Do This?

Virtual lessons aren’t for everyone, just like PDF tutorials aren’t for everyone. However, the majority of people who learn absorb things through multiple forms of exposure. This means that you are more likely to learn a technique or principle from experiencing it multiple ways: written & visual forms. This unique offer is a great way to enhance your creativity, learn some new things, get some tips and tricks, and expand your knowledge on polymer clay.

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