2019 Polyform Products Lineup

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The 2019 Polyform Products Lineup is pretty impressive this year. With a host of new products hitting the shelves and many already available at your local retailer, these tools will hit it big for a wide variety of disciplines in polymer clay. It’s no secret that Premo! is my favorite brand of polymer clay and one I readily rely on for all my projects. It’s relatively easy to condition compared to other clay brands, it has a versatile and wide color palette, and because of its true pigment properties the colors you think you will end up with when you create color blends & custom colors you actually get.

I was blessed enough to receive a promotional box of supplies from Polyform Products and can’t wait to show you what’s inside. (Thank you so much Polyform!) This past week Polyform officially released their final vaulted products to the world on their FaceBook page.

This video was originally made for Club Members, it is now a public video. If you’d like to see more content like this, come and join us in the Club.

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