Reconstituting Chalk Pastels

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How to Use Blending Chalks on Polymer Clay by KatersAcres
How to Use Blending Chalks on Polymer Clay by KatersAcres

Have you ever dropped, broken, or busted your pan chalk pastels? Well I have and not just one time either. So, after working with pieces and getting frustrated on more than one occasion, I decided to try my hand at reconstituting them and turning them back into a usable form. Here’s how I did it and how it worked.

How to Reconstitute Chalk Pastels

Reconstituting Chalk Pastels
  • Gather your broken pieces for your single color of chalk pastels.
  • Place them onto a work mat or other nonstick, non-textured surface.
  • Use a blade to chop up your chalk pastels into as many pieces as you can.
  • Add a generous amount of Rubbing Alcohol to the chopped pieces.
  • Continue chopping the chalk pastels until it’s as fine as you can possibly get it.
  • Now add the chalk pastels back into its original container.
  • Press it into the pan using a metal tool or block.
  • The Rubbing Alcohol will rise to the surface.
  • You will need to allow this to dry for 24 hours before you can use it again.
  • ***Note: If you have a hard and unusable chalk pastel, add a few drops of mineral oil to the chalk pastel when you add the rubbing alcohol. This will soften the chalk pastel to make it more soft and usable when it dries. I did this for my dark green chalk pastel.***

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