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Studio By Sculpey Tools Review

I have written two separate posts on polymer clay tools.  The first post was an overview of some of the tools that I use daily, feel free to check out that post here.  The second was just a few weeks ago and was a “tool review” of what tools every sculptor (or clayer) should have in their toolbox.  Today I’m going to review the very first set of tools that I ever purchase for myself: Studio by Sculpey Tools, the 5 piece set.

Studio By Sculpey Tools Review

Studio By Sculpey Tools:

When I bought these tools years ago (and I mean a long time ago) the “Studio” brand of polymer clay was still available and the tools were packaged in different sets.

This being said, today you have to buy 2 different sets to get the same pieces (the links for purchase will be below).

Blunt & Sharp Needle Tool Review:

For me, the tools that gets the least amount of use are the needle tools.  Why?  I find that it is too bulky for both the blunt tipped and the sharp tip.  I prefer the needle tools that I have made myself (see this article) to this large tool.  I find that this tool is just too bulky for my daily use.  This being said, I make mostly figurines and sculptures, so I need to get into small and tight places often.  I need something smaller that works more like my fingers, so therefore I make my own.

This being said, the blunt tipped needle tools is excellent for creating texture in a piece! I use it a lot of thing related to The Friesen Project as well.  These two tools come in the newer “tool variety” set by Sculpey.  You can purchase it here.

Style & Detail Tools:

Studio By Sculpey Tool Review EndsThe new packaging for these tools includes three metal ended “dotters” with 3 rubber tips on the opposing end (see picture at left the three handles in the middle).  As you can tell these get a lot of use from me.  This being said, I rarely use the “dotter” sides as I have other “dotters” that I like better.  [I prefer short handled items). However, these are the only rubber tipped sculpting tools that I have so they get used quite a lot.  You can purchase these tools on Amazon with worldwide shipping!

EDITOR’S NOTE (2020): These are now made and marketed solely by Sculpey and you can get them at a better price here without the Studio by Sculpey name.

What’s Your Opinions?

Do you have these tools in your tool arsenal? If so, do you use them and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

9 thoughts on “Studio by Sculpey Tools

  1. My favorite tool? Believe it or not, it’s a six inch piece of wire clothes hanger. I use it for everything from smoothing seams to texturing and lots of uses in between. Second fave is my double ended dotter/rubber shapers like yours. I use mine a lot, especially the chisel tip. I did get the double-ended rubber tipped tool Ginger Allman shared about and I really like it too. Hubby got me a new set of tools by Husky for Christmas, so as I use them I’ll see how I like them. I’m not sure what they were actually created for, but he got them at Home Depot and one in particular has already proven itself handy. 🙂

  2. I also have the Colour Shapers and absolutely love them. You can order them from Dick Blick. They are great for smoothing and joining clay. I haven’t had problems with black marks but I am sure that I do not use them as often as you! I’ve included a link below.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Cheryl! I’m glad to see they are working for you. I will definitely add them to my wish list.

  3. Hi, Katie! My new favorite tools are a set of 5 rubber tipped paintbrushes. They are called Colour Shapers by Royal Sovereign UK. They are intended to be used to paint faces on dolls without brush strokes, but I find them very useful in working with clay. They are a pale grey, so they might be a good replacement for your black-tipped rubber tools. I found them in the doll making department at Hobby Lobby.

  4. I have these tools as well I use them quite a bit for texturing and smoothing for little spots.

  5. I love the ball-tip ends or blotters I guess they are called. I use them in almost every sculpture that I make. I like the rubber tips too and haven’t had any trouble with color transfer but then, I don’t use them as frequently as the hard metal balls…they work great for making holes for eyeballs 🙂

  6. I have tryed them but I just dont care for them much. I use a cone shape style stix. They are soft and made with fabric I think and are for painting and shaping clay. They do clean up with soap and water. But I do have to replace them after a while. Like 4-6 months..

  7. I also have the rubber tip/dotter tools, but I guess mine are not old enough to be leaving black marks behind. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. You’re welcome! It happens to all 3 of mine so I think it’s just because they are old and well loved, but I also have a friend who has had them for 2 years and hasn’t had any problems yet.

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