Christi Friesen Glitter Balm Review

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Polymer Clay Glitter Balm Review by KatersAcres

Polymer Clay Product Review

Christi Friesen’s Glitter Balms

It’s been a very long time since I did a product review for a polymer clay item. Many of you (my darling readers) know that I only review products that I love. There are a of really great products on the market, a lot of really bad products on the market, and some okay products on the market. I happened to pick up several jars of this product on my Christi Friesen Weekend and fell in love with it immediately, came home & purchased the rest of the collection. So, in terms of products, where does this one rank: Love, Meh, or Blech? It’s pure love baby! Christi Friesen Glitter Balms are one of those really awesome products!

[2016 EDITORS NOTE: This product is no longer sold or produced by Christi Friesen.]

What It Is

Polymer Clay Glitter Balm Review by KatersAcresI think we’ll start with what Christi Friesen Glitter Balms are not. They are not just glitter. So it you purchasing these thinking you’re going to get just glitter, you will be disappointed. Christi Friesen Glitter Balms are multi-faceted glitter filled with chunks, bumps, fascination, & most likely a little bit of Christi’s “magic” in every jar. These glitters are laced with multiple colors for each jar, multi-sized glitters both big & small, and some wonderful surprises in each jar. Christi Friesen glitter balms make wonderful accents for your creations both big (like faux opal flakes) and small (microfine glitter assortments).

Where To Get Them

Several suppliers carry Christi Friesen Glitter Balms, but I buy mine direct from Christi. At $2.00 a jar you can even afford to buy them all! There are 9 colors in the collection, the only one I do not own is “High Roller.” (Which I didn’t even realize I was missing until writing this post … note for to do list: Buy Christi Friesen “High Roller” Glitter Balm … DONE!) For the $2.00 price tag you are getting a product that will last you for a very long time. Some of my favorites that I reach for the most often are: Faerie Dust (purple at bottom right), Phoenix (Orangish in middle), & Ocean Commotion (light blue, middle right). Even though I have described these colors with one word, please understand that they are multi-colored. The Faerie Dust, one of my favorites has purple, pink, light blue, & even a few opalish shards (and let’s not forget the magic)!

How to Use Them

Festive Fall Skinner Blend Flower Necklace by KatersAcresI have found that the best way to use them is to apply them directly to the surface of your clay using your finger. I literally “dip” my pinky finger into the jar and touch the surface of the clay.  Once you have placed the Glitter Balms where you would like them, simply take a finger and gently “rub” over the surface where you applied your balms. This will allow the glitters to lay flat on the surface and allow them to be more reflective, exactly why you used the glitter in the first place, right?!

A Word of Caution: Do not use a paintbrush to apply these glitters. Why? These glitters contain not just micro-glitter, but larger glitter & in some cases faux opal shards. This being said, using a brush is a sure way to grab only the micro-glitter and leave the rest in the jar (or all over your counter). The last thing you want to do is to have these Glitter Balms with just the chunky stuff left. Use them all together baby and have a good time doing it!

The flower at the right used Christi Friesen Glitter Balm in “Phoenix.” Make a similar flower from this free tutorial.

A Few Notes:

I have only used this product as a surface treatment. Why? As a sculptor, I don’t tend to use inclusions unless I am sculpting something with a faux effect.  Therefore, I can not at this time vouch for this product in those terms. This being said, I think as an addition to some pearlescent flakes, these would add vibrancy & lustre to faux opals!

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8 thoughts on “Christi Friesen Glitter Balm Review

  1. This is probably a silly question, but I’m only a beginner and want to know if you apply the balm before baking, also, could you tell me please if it needs to be sealed? I’m in Ireland and craft items are hard to find.

    1. Hi Barbara! No question is a silly question if you don’t know the answer. You apply the balms before they are baked. If you rub your finger over the glitter, it should adhere pretty good. If it’s a sculptural piece that won’t be handled, then you don’t have to seal it. If it’s a jewelry item, then yes, you should seal any work that has a surface treatment of any kind, glitter included. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Katie – I’ll have to keep my eye out for a UK supplier

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you can get some, they really are a whole bunch of “fun” in a jar!

  3. Can I ask Katie – these are called a balm…over here in the UK that would mean some sort of a cream ( usually for the hands or lips) so is all the glitter in a gel base or is it loose? Or is it just coz it makes you feel so good! 😉

    1. Sue – That is a GREAT question. Here in the States that would normally mean the same thing. However, this is a LOOSE product with loose glitter. I think she calms them “balms” because there is MORE than just “glitter” to them.

  4. I’ve used the balms since Christi created and offered Fiery Phoenix as a download. Thanks for the tip about using the finger to apply the balm. I didn’t realize there was a reason I wasn’t getting the whole experience. Thanks!

    1. Not a problem Jan. You’ll likely find that it will work better. If your hands are especially dry and don’t pick up the glitter balms, breath on the tip of one finger for a few seconds, it will “moisten” it and let you pick up glitter better.

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