WIP Wednesday: A Week of Canes

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WIP Wednesday: A Week of Polymer Clay Canes in KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio

About once a month I spend an entire week creating & making new polymer clay canes. Some of them are dedicated to a certain project, others are for the 52 Weeks of Canes, & some are just to stretch myself. So here’s what I worked on last week for several hours, clockwise from top left.

  • Polymer Clay Flower Challenge by KatersAcresThe finished results of trying to duplicate the flower shown at right. A complete blog post for this project will be posted on Friday, Aug 8th.
  • One of the finished flowers for this flower at right.
  • My newest Parker StoryBook Scene, “Parker Spaceman” inspired by Patty Durham’s “Space Girl on a Mission.”
  • A flower necklace I created in an effort to duplicate the flower at right. This one I placed on brown leather cord with matching beads made from the cane ends.
  • A snapshot of the pre-baked focal beads in teardrop shapes made exclusively from the cane ends of the two cane patterns show at right.
  • Scrappy pendants! I have made these pendants in the past, see the blog post here, and I simply love them. I first made a swirl pattern on them, added some micro-caned embroidery using my own canes, pearl-ex powder accents, swarovski hot fix crystals, and a few micro eye screws. Once they were baked I sealed them with my favorite varnish, Varathane.
  • The blend I used to make the canes, my blog post on Friday will reveal the color recipes I used.
  • Week 27 cane for the 52 weeks of canes, a butterfly cane that used 1/2 of my reversible cane as its base.

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What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Week of Canes

  1. I love working with polymer clay and I love your website…thank you!

    1. Thank you so much & you’re welcome. I’m so glad you took the time to say “hi!” Happy claying!

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