Monster Ball Challenge Winners

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Polymer Clay Monster Ball Challenge by KatersAcres | Submit Your Entries for an Awesome Prize

Monster Ball Challenge Winners!

Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who participated in the Monster Ball Challenge in October. I am very proud to showcase some of the art & talent of many of you, my readers. Without further ado, here’s some Monster Balls that were created for this challenge.

Monster Ball Challenge Entries

Jo-Anne Wenck

Monster Ball Challenge Entry by Jo-Anne WenckJo-Anne created several Monster Balls for this challenge. This one is my favorite of the ones she submitted. I love his wild hair and his blue teeth. Such a cute whimsical touch. Great work Jo-Anne.

Through a Random Number Generator, Jo-Anne is our SECOND PLACE WINNER!

Susie Repp Chilcote

Monster Ball Challenge Entry by Jo-Anne WenckSusie also created several different Monsters for this challenge. Of the monsters she created, this one is my favorite. I love her curly horns, tentacles, and most especially the eyelashes! Great job Susie.


KatersAcres Monster Ball Challenge GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Monster made by AndreaI’m so proud of Andrea! She was one of the last entries and made her stunning monster in just 2 days after finding out about the contest late. I’m glad you sent me your monster Andrea! Andrea even wrote a story about her Monster. ” His name is Eugene, he’s currently going to night school to be a dental hygienist. He loves watching old movies from the 80’s, walks in the bog at sunset, and enjoys a good pizza pie. His only body image issue is that he can’t wear Aviator glasses and look cool like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” and can’t properly whistle.  He’s 27, single and currently has his own apartment (over his grandma’s garage) but he does help her mow the yard and bring in groceries. He hopes to finish his degree in fall of 2015.”

Through a Random Number Generator, Andrea is our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Kim Anderson

Monster Halfsie by Kim AndersonKim’s monster ball challenge entry included this awesome double sided monster she named “Monster Halfsie.” I love her use of color palette, very much Halloween colors, but used in a way so as not to be overwhelming. Great work Kim!

Aubri Anderson

Monster Sonic by Aubri AndersonAubri is only 11 years old. Look at this sweet little monster that she created for the challenge! I love the little spikes she added on her monsters tail. Great work Aubri. Keep trying and you will be a polymer artist in no time.

Do you want to see what the winner’s won?


  • Monster Ball Challenge by KatersAcres | RESULTSEach monster ball made was entered into a spreadsheet by name (last names have been committed for privacy purposes).
  • was used to select first a Grand Prize winner, Andrea.
  • was then used again to select the Second Place Winner, Jo-Anne.

Thanks for joining me today & a BIG CONGRATS to both our winners. Another Challenge is coming soon so stay tuned!

Until then, Happy Claying,


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