2021 Polymer Clay Challenge

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2020 was quite a year for many people. When the year kicked off, never did anyone think we would be thrust into a global Pandemic, let alone that it would rage on for the entirety of the year. For many, completing a challenge, or working toward a goal on a hobby was the last thing on their mind. This year, I hope that art would encourage, inspire, uplift, and bring peace and joy into your life. I’ve always said that your art (whether polymer clay or something else) should make you happy. If it doesn’t … then why are you doing it?

Cynthia Gougian
Cynthia Gougian

The 2021 Polymer Clay Challenge will begin shortly. Last year was a year that for many we just want to put in the rearview mirror and start an entirely new year once again! So it’s onward with this year’s new challenge that opens on January 1st, 2021! Last year’s 2019 Polymer Clay Challenge was so different for all. It was highlighted by the wonderful weekly posts of Cynthia Gougian. After two wonderful years of having her write for the Challenge Group, we are saying goodbye as she steps down as our weekly writer. It’s a laborious job and one that requires time and patience. Thank you Cynthia for all you’ve done and congratulations on your recent nuptials!

Hollow Fall Leaf Fairy Polymer Clay Tutorial by Kater's Acres

I am so proud of everyone who participated and was able to do this challenge and I hope even more will return this year and try again. I encourage EACH of those that participate every year, do not beat yourself up if you can not complete the entire year. Start small, go slow. One finished project a month is better than none. Remember the goal of this project is that you continue to grow and that by the end of the year you find yourself being more creative, working harder toward your goals, and most importantly seeing your work get better and better with each passing year.

The purpose of this project is to make sure that each polymer artist is pushing on and creating, growing in their creativity and their voice. As usual, I will be participating in the 2021 polymer clay challenge. Do you want to come and join us too? Now’s your chance to come and join us this upcoming year!

See My Finished 2020 Polymer Clay Challenge Results Here

2021 PCC Grab Badge

Grab the Badge!

Are you going to participate this year? Feel free to grab the badge above and place it on your website, Facebook page, or other social media and share with the world that you too are participating in the 2021 Polymer Clay Challenge.

What Is the 2021 Polymer Clay Challenge?

Katie Oskin in Studio

I have been hosting the Polymer Clay Challenge for 8 years now. The Polymer Clay Challenge is first and foremost a commitment. It is a commitment by YOU [the clayer] that you will work with polymer clay and try to complete no less than one item per week. Why would we do such a thing? Why not more and why not less? More is great but can strain our creativity and cause burnout in many people. One item a week turns out to be just 52 items a year and not too hard for most of us to handle and for most does not cause burnout.

Look at it this way: What happens when you dedicate just one year to your craft? As a general rule of thumb, not only do you become more proficient & skilled as an artist, but you learn what you like and what you don’t like, as well as what makes you happy!

Katie Oskin, Kater’s Acres

If you work with polymer clay as your main medium, I challenge you in 2021 to join us! All you have to do is to start and finish one project a week.

Come see what we created in the FaceBook Group in 2020

How to Pick Your Challenge Theme:

Your challenge theme can be whatever you’d like it to be. Themes in the past have ranged from jewelry components, sculpted items, buttons, canes, even your polymer clay “bucket list.” Is there something you’ve always aspired to do? Is there something you’ve seen and thought, I want to learn how to do that! Is there an artist whose work you admire and want to grow toward their level of professionalism? Do you not yet know what you love in polymer and you’re still trying to find out. That’s what the next 52 weeks are for. Try everything. Discover what you love. You never know where you might land and what you might find out that you truly love.

Sculpting Blessings,


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As usual, this project is a free endeavor and comes to you at no cost. Because it is free and in trying to keep it free, it is hosted through a free Facebook group. Join the FaceBook group and post your weekly photos in the corresponding album for the year or add them to the wall so we can all appreciate your hard work.

In Need of Some Tools for Your Challenge? Check These Out:

4 thoughts on “2021 Polymer Clay Challenge

  1. I really enjoyed taking part in the 2020 challenge even though I didn’t complete it. Had a few extra jobs like home schooling which demanded a lot of my time. Looking forward to trying again this year.

    1. I didn’t quite finish either Michelle. I only got to week 50. I understand it can be a difficult commitment. Here’s to hoping 2021 is better for everyone!

  2. I’m still trying to find where to pay for my #pcchallenge2021 participation.
    I printed the Guide and the Calendar.

    1. The challenge is free Beverly. Thanks for asking.

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