Polymer Clay Cane Slicer

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Polymer Clay Cane Slicer from KatersAcres | Handmade professional millefiori canes

NEW Polymer Clay Cane Slicer

 Polymer Clay Cane Slicer from KatersAcres | Handmade professional millefiori canes

A few weeks ago I posted this on my FaceBook:

finally got around to showing you that awesome birthday present my Dad, Richard Dillon, made me. He made me my very own polymer clay millefiori cane slicer! My Dad is an engineer who has designed all sorts of things in his career … and now he gets to add this awesomeness to the list.

Learn To Make Your Own Here


Made from old metal bookends, drawer slides, rulers, & some earth magnets, this cane slicer is awesome. It works unbelievably well too!

  • Sliding “base plate” that features a ceramic tile that can be removed for easy transport.
  • Removable blade so you can use a thin blade, heavy duty blade, or even wavy blades!
  • Metal housing for long lasting durability.
  • Cork pads on bottom to keep it from sliding and damaging work surface.
  • Removable ceramic tile for easy transport and better cutting.
  • “Locking” arm & base plate for easy transport; enables the unit to “hold together” and not slide apart.

 Polymer Clay Cane Slicer

See it In Action!


Sometimes there just aren’t enough words. Thank you Daddy, I love you!


Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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27 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Cane Slicer

  1. I will order these instructions soon, I wish the video would show it actually slicing a cane. I thank your dad for sharing instructions.

    1. I’m working on a video to show this soon.

      1. It’s been over a year — do you have a video showing actual slicing yet?

        1. Thank you for your message. My husband works 2 jobs, as do I. As soon as we both have time to coordinate shooting a video together it will get done. It’s still on my list. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

  2. Do you have instructions and a parts list yet? Can’t wait! (by the way, to my knowledge, I’m not related!)

  3. I guess no instructions for this yet??

    1. It’s coming.

  4. Would love the instructions when you share. I can’t slice thin pieces anymore and would love somthing like this. Daddies like yours are wonderful! I miss mine in so many ways.

    1. The instructions will be up and live in several weeks Lorna. I’m am blessed by my Dad, each & every day. My heart goes out to you. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Katy, love your work! Please ask your dad if he is willing to share his parts/supplies list for making the cane slicer a and possible the instructions? I understand he made it as a gift but considering so many creative minds are envious of his talents perhaps he may share?

    1. Hi Dorothy – As I stated previously, my Dad is writing up instructions to make your own. They will be available by Fall 2015.

      1. Waiting excitedly for the instructions! Thanks so much. What a good idea!

        1. You’re welcome. I’ll send out an email when they are ready.

      2. Hi Katie,
        Thanks for your reply! We are all looking forward to your dad’s instructions on this fantastic clay slicer! Give him our Thanks!

  6. Do you sell these. They show one similar on You Tube for sale. But this one is better because the bottom part moves!! I want one how much?$$

    1. Sorry Sandy, this is not for sale, nor will there be any more. My Dad made this just for me. Thanks for loving it so much though.

  7. What a clever father and daughter team. When is production?

  8. Love the slicer. Would “Daddy” be willing to share a parts list, some close up photos and general instructions? My hubby is quite handy. I think the guillotine and removeable blades are the cat’s meow. Are the blades attached via the magnets? Please share!!! Thanks

    1. I will definitely ask him Maureen!

  9. If your Dad does not want to mass produce these, could we get instructions/measurement/materials on how we could make our own? Great invention!

    1. I’m going to ask him Eileen!

  10. I have been following the development of cane slicers. This is the best method that I have seen. I and others would be interested in purchasing one. I think you will find a market, very easily,,,

    1. Thanks Cathy. I’m sure that we could!

  11. Wow !! Very clever of your Dad and thank you so much for sharing this with everyone !!

    1. My Dad does some AWESOME things for me, but this one (so far) has taken the cake!

  12. I would love to have one of these

    1. My Dad would be flattered Teresa! But, this was just a one-time thing for me.

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