Polymer Clay Challenge: Monster Balls – CLOSED

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Polymer Clay Monster Ball Challenge by KatersAcres | Submit Your Entries for an Awesome Prize

Join the Polymer Clay Challenge

Monster Balls

Are you ready for a challenge? How about a polymer clay challenge?

This polymer clay challenge will stretch your imagination, help your “play skills”, and get you all ready for Halloween all at the same time!

Polymer Clay Monster Ball Challenge

Send up the balloons! * Bring on the party hats!

Why? Because it’s the first ever Kater’s Acres polymer clay challenge. I’m inviting you to join in this fun & creative endeavor to challenge yourself to use a simple shape and make yourself some Monster Balls!


  • Polymer Clay Monster Ball Challenge by KatersAcres | Submit Your Entries for an Awesome PrizeYour monster MUST be made from a ball of clay, no exceptions.
    • Any monster NOT made from a ball (including teardrops, squares, etc) will NOT qualify for the challenge.
  • Entries must be email to me no later than Oct. 31st, 2014. (Yep, on Halloween)
  • You can make as many Monster Balls as you wish.
  • Each monster ball will earn you ONE entry for the prize (see below).
    • Make 5 Monster Balls, get 5 chances to win.

How to Enter

  • Make your Monster Ball.
  • Bake your Monster Ball.
  • Add design elements such as paint or antiquing if desired.
  • Photograph your Monster Ball.
  • Email your Monster Ball pictures (be sure to include it’s name) to me!

Prizes – 2 Winners!

  • There will be two winners chosen by a random number generator.
  • The first winner will receive 2 free months of Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Membership ($19.90 value).
  • The second winner will receive 1 free month of Parker’s Clayful Tutorials Membership ($9.95 value).

Monster Ball Elements

Monster Ball Challenge Elements | Join the Monster Ball Challenge | CLICK to get information & submit your entry for a chance to win one of TWO prizes.What kind of elements should your monster balls have? It depends … but here’s some things my monster balls have. Remember that monsters have all kinds of cool stuff … basically, whatever your imagination wants your monster to have … he should have it!

Here’s some ideas to get your started:

  • Spikes
  • Tentacles
  • Oodles of eyes
  • Just ONE eye
  • Horns
  • Teeth
  • Giant Tongue
  • Claws

Remember that in order to win this polymer clay challenge you must make your monster a BALL. Using a basic shape without alteration requires a little bit of imagination to make your monsters different from each other & special too.

Comment below if you are EXCITED & ready to enter this polymer clay MONSTER BALL challenge!

4 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Challenge: Monster Balls – CLOSED

  1. Hi! My 11 year old daughter and I are certainly excited about this! We just started experimenting with Polymer clay for the very first time ever this week! We just bought our first little set of sculptey clay and tools and then began googling for suggestions on what to create with it and came across your website! The monster ball is now our 3rd attempt of learning how to use and play with the clay! We had fun doing the monster balls! Tho, learned some challenges that came with it – like trying to avoid colors from blending after touching other colors and how to make anything tiny and smooth, chuckling! we have a LOT to learn! We want to submit pictures of our monster balls – but unable to do so with your email link. Could you please email us your email address? Chuckling. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim! I’m glad you found me. I just sent you an email containing my direct email. I can’t wait to see your monsters!

  2. definitely excited i made my first one a couple days ago

    1. Great Victoria! I can’t wait to see them. Don’t forget to email them to me!

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