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B'sue Boutiques Review by KatersAcres

B'sue Boutiques Review by KatersAcres

B’Sue Boutiques Review

Brenda Lansdowne & Christi FriesenSo what does B’Sue Boutiques have to do with Christi Friesen week you might ask? Well … Brenda Lansdowne, owner of B’Sue Boutiques was our host and sponsor for the Christi Friesen Weekend this past week. Not only is Brenda a wonderful person, but she is kind, warm, funny, & caring too. You can see the video that Brenda & Christi did together on YouTube. Brenda & Christi have some great things coming up in store for you in the future as well, so be sure not to miss it.

B’Sue Boutiques is Metal-icious

Metal Bits, Findings, & Fun Stuff from B'Sue BoutiquesI have been to B’Sue Boutiques online shop several times. I’ve even visited B’Sue Boutiques on Etsy … but I’ve never purchased anything. Why not you ask? Well … very simply because I like to touch things! Brenda has awesome, friendly, kind & caring staff. Some of those staff members you can even “meet” on her YouTube videos!

At the right you will see a picture of some of the things that I purchase from Brenda as well as some of the free take-home samples she gave to everyone who attended the event. There are awesome bezels that work great to make jewelry, really fun charms in all kinds of stamped metals, brass stampings, & fun bits & bobs too.  Thanks Brenda, I will put these to good use!

Metal & Polymer

Several people have asked me in the past if you can use metal with polymer. The simple answer, you bet. The complicated answer, metal can take just about whatever you throw at it and make it even more fun. One of my favorite artists and inspiration is Peeli Rohini who incorporates both metal in polymer is hundreds of jewelry designs. She specializes in jewelry making and jewelry applications with her metals, her dainty filigree and complex & precise polymer embroidery would make anyone turn their head and be noticed.  When you visit B’Sue Boutiques, think along those veins when looking at her stampings as this is exactly what B’Sue Boutiques specializes in, metal jewelry components!


For example, have you ever tried to use Christi Friesen‘s Swellegant with metal? Or better yet, have you tried Swellegant with polymer? I was fortunate enough to see Christi demonstrate this for all of us this weekend. While I do not do things with polymer that would lend itself to using Swellegant, I feel privileged to now know the proper way how to use it with polymer should I ever deviate from sculpting. If you are already using Swellegant or have it but haven’t tried it, don’t miss Christi’s free tips & tricks PDF here. For those of you who are local, you can also get Swellegant from B’Sue Boutiques!

My Tulip Caps

Tulip Beads Caps from B'Sue BoutiquesPolymer Clay Hibiscus Bud Pendant Necklace by KatersAcresI had seen these gorgeous tulip beads on a necklace showcased in Brenda’s shop. And I knew exactly what I needed them for. After scouring every nook, drawer, & secret fairy cave … alas, I could not find them. All I had to do was ask Brenda and she knew exactly what I was talking about.  So these lovely bead caps, measuring in at 21mm, will soon be the highlight of my hibiscus necklaces! Please note, this necklace is not for sale, nor will I be selling them or taking custom orders for them. This necklace was made just for me. B’Sue Boutiques has these lovely tulip caps in Antiqued Brass, Matte Black, Rose Gold Brass, Aqua Copper Patina, Matte Gold, Fine Silver  & Antiqued Chocolate Kiss.

B’Sue Discount for Readers

Brenda is simply fantastic and to welcome you to shop with her she’s giving you a discount! Everyone say, “Thank you Brenda!” All you have to do is enter coupon code “FIVEBUCKS” to save $5 off a $50 purchase. For those of you whose math skills need sharpening, that’s 10% off! Thanks Brenda!

Thanks for joining me today & have fun shopping at B’Sue Boutiques!

Happy Claying,


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  1. Great write up! thanks for attending the event…didnt we have an outstanding time? What I appreciate most about Katie is her kind and giving spirit…not only is she extremely talented with a clear vision of what she wants to w her medium…but! She so freely shares. Katie…you are a doll and a n artist to watch, You are going places and I am going to be so thrilled to see where your journey takes you. good things are coming your way…that’s what happens to someone so vibrant and so excited about their art. Thanks so much again,

    1. I was so overjoyed to be able to go and to be able to have my Mom there was even more special for me. We did have a fantastic time! Thank you for all the compliments, it was such an honor and a joy meeting you. I can’t wait to collaborate in the future!

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