Polymer Clay Haul – WIP Wednesday

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Polymer Clay Haul with KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday Fun

Polymer Clay HaulPolymer Clay Haul with KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday Fun

What could be more fun than shopping & polymer clay? Having a polymer clay haul of course!

Painting the Family DeckThis WIP Wednesday is going to look a little different. Why? Well because instead of being in my studio in 90 degree weather (very hard to work when there’s no A/C and the clay smooshes right between your fingers) my hubby and I worked together to do this … stain the deck. So in a manner of speaking I was still being “artistic” just not with clay. You can see the “raw wood” on the decking and the stain color on the side walls.

Why A Polymer Clay Haul?

Recently a few of my students (I give classes in my studio at home – see the class list here) asked where I get my supplies. Well, in truth, I get my supplies from many different places. With the exception of polymer clay itself, most of my supplies I order online. I have a thing for gorgeous stamps, gears, & surface treatments, you might get the idea. Here’s a look at some of my recent purchases…

Christi Friesen Online

Polymer Clay Haul from Christi Friesen Online with KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday FunThis month I picked up a few goodies from Christi Friesen’s online shop. I shop there frequently. This haul included two of her newest stamps: Fantasy Wings & Van Gogh. I also purchased some steampunk components and the new Surface FX, Fairy Tale.

Shop Christi Friesen’s Online Shop Now

Lisa Pavelka Online

Polymer Clay Haul from Lisa Pavelka Online with KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday FunThe only thing I purchased from Lisa this time around was some gorgeous stamps that I didn’t have. I have many of Lisa’s stamps and use them for all kinds of things. So naturally, I add to that collection every once and awhile. This time around I purchased the absolutely unique Cloodle stamp, Ancient Doodles stamp, and the stamp I’ve wanted the longest … love letter!

Shop Lisa Pavelka’s Online Shop Now

Pat Catan’s Craft Center

Polymer Clay Haul from Pat Catan's with KatersAcres | WIP Wednesday FunFirst, let me say that Pat Catan’s is one of my favorite places to get craft supplies locally. The prices are low, they have periodic sales, send out special coupons occasionally, and have a huge assortment of hobby disciplines & genre’s. I rarely order polymer clay online. Why? I live out in the middle of nowhere. I worry that my clay will begin to cure due to improper handling on the way. Plus, I like to be sure my clay is fresh. Going to the store is one of the best ways to do that. However, this also limits my choices to Fimo, Premo!, & Sculpey III. As I have stated over & over again, my choice every time is Premo. Here’s what I purchased in my most recent haul: acrylic blocks, tiny brass hinge sets for an upcoming project, and about 25 bars of Premo! polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Inspiration & News:

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  • There’s a really GREAT giveaway coming soon from three special polymer artists. Be sure that you are signed up to get the announcement and be entered to win.
  • If you haven’t joined The Pavelka Project yet, there’s still time and lots of fun prizes to be won too.
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From the Archives:

Polymer Clay Tutorial: Fall Fantasy Pendant by KatersAcresDo you want to make a fall necklaceHere’s a free tutorial you might enjoy.

What are you working on?

What’s going on in your studio? What are you working on? Is there a project you’d like to see me tackle and feature on the blog? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts & ideas!

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Haul – WIP Wednesday

  1. I just decorated my first wine glass. Took it out of the oven and I think I am hooked. This one was simple compared to what I want to do! I LOVE working with my clay and soon will have a dedicated space to play in!

    1. Great job Deb! Making things you’ve never made before is always very exciting.

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