How to Leave a Review at Kater’s Acres

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How to Leave KatersAcres Feedback

Did You Know? You Can Leave Reviews for Items & Tutorials You Purchase?

Leaving a review is important not just for me, but for future buyers. You work hard for your money and so do others, and so do I. I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. I also want to know what you want me to improve.

How to Leave KatersAcres Feedback

There are lots of things here at Kater’s Acres that you might not know about. One of those things is how to leave a review & even feedback on anything you purchase here on the site (this includes tools & supplies, as well as adoptables by the way). Below, I will show you how to leave a review to help other people gauge the value of their purchase.

Reviews are important because it lets other people know what you think.

How to Leave KatersAcres Feedback

When one of our products has had a review, a star rating system appears within the item itself. Those products with NO reviews have no stars. This is where we need your constant help. Keep in mind that when you leave a review of an item you receive POINTS for that item. This means that you are essentially getting a small kickback from us to leave your review. This translates into free money for you to spend here at the shop later.

How to Leave Feedback

How to Leave KatersAcres Feedback
  • In order to leave feedback you must first log into your account. Log into your account by clicking HERE.
  • NOTE: You are ONLY able to leave feedback on an item that you have purchased. If you have NOT purchased the item, you will be unable to leave any feedback.
  • Choose any item you purchased.
  • Near the middle of the item you will see tabs along your screen.
  • CLICK on the tab that says “reviews.”
  • Simply leave your review for the item(s) that you purchased.
  • That’s it!
  • You will quickly let people know what you thought and receive points for that review in your account.

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