Fairy Potion Bottle Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

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Fairy Potion Bottles with Pandora

Fairy Potion Bottle Tutorial

with Teresa Pandora Salgado

It is always such a joy to collaborate with other artists. A fantastic artist, fellow clayer, and friend Teresa “Pandora” Salgado has graciously volunteered her time, energy, and effort to bring you a free fairy potion bottle tutorial. This tutorial is not only brightly colored, unique, and a lot of fun, but is a great jewelry project for an artist of any skill level.


Pixie Forest Tutorial Bundle Pack for Polymer Clay by KatersAcresThis tutorial is free for anyone (insert cheers and wild applause here). Pandora’s tutorial was designed to compliment the Pixie Tutorial Bundle Pack which includes the Posable Pixie Doll, Pixie Cottage and bonus tutorials. If you love to sculpt but are looking for a little sparkle and bling to go with your fairies, Pandora has your answer. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Fairy Potion Bottle Tutorial with Teresa

Pandora's Potion Bottles Tutorial

Teresa also wrote this great potion bottle tutorial for Polyform as well.

Get your supplies to make this fairy potion bottle here:


26 thoughts on “Fairy Potion Bottle Tutorial with Teresa Pandora Salgado

  1. Thank you for great opportunity! <3

  2. Yas! I love bling!! Almost as much as I love Pandora and Katie! 😉

  3. That is a lot of bling and looks fun; can’t wait to try the clear liquid clay.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial-looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Great giveaway!

  6. Great tutorial

  7. Thank you so much for having this contest!

    1. You’re welcome!

  8. I love the whimsy of Pandora. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You’re very welcome.

  9. The Mega Bling kit looks like fun. Just wondering if it’s possible to purchase the bakeable cylinder molds separately?

    1. Hi Andrea – From TinyPandora’s site, it looks as if the molds are only available in the kit. You’d have to contact Teresa directly. You can do that from TinyPandora.com

  10. I just love all of Tiny Pandora’s products so this would be amazing to win! I think I’d do both resin and liquid polymer clay crystals to make magical wands!

  11. So much fun. Thanks!

  12. I love mixing resin and polymer clay

  13. I love your work…always

  14. This would be so cool to have.

  15. Hi Teresa, thanks for the tutorial. Would love to win this great giveaway!

  16. I’m a glitter hoarder, mold hoarder, and very much of an ‘OH SHINY!!!’ personality. I could do so much with this set, and then reuse the bottles when empty for upcycling!!

  17. These would be a great addition to my growing collection.

  18. I would love to win this.

  19. These are so cool. I would be thrilled to win one of these! Thank you so much for all you do.

  20. Would love to win the Fairy Potion Bottle kit. I work in PMC and could incorporate the Bottle with the small charms I make in silver…

  21. Oooo, I would so love to win one of these. Smiles

  22. I’m just starting to get into polymer clay. These are great. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love Katie’s whimsical sculptures they are so much fun and really colourful. I also love the tinypandora products and especially the fairy bottles!

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