Saint Patrick’s Day Hearts & Pendants

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Polymer Clay St Patricks Day Hearts Tutorial by KatersAcres

This project was inspired by the work of the wonderfully talented Dr. Ron Lehocky. This past week Ron showcased some of his new hearts. And to say that there were inspiring is an understatement. I’ve always enjoyed Ron’s hearts, but the simplicity and theme of this batch really got to me. Great work Ron!


  • About 1 ounce of clay in St. Patrick’s Day Colors of Your Choice
    • Good options include: green, white, gold, & orange
  • Exacto Knife
  • Medium 1″ or 2″ heart cutter
  • Mica Powder in Biscotti
  • 1″ Bar Pin Backs
  • Exacto Knife
  • Oven – to bake your finished piece in
  • Pasta Machine

Optional Supplies:

Saint Patrick’s Day Heart Tutorial for Polymer Clay

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