Special Club Member Perks

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How does 10% off sound to you?

Club Member perks? You bet! As long as you are a member of the Club you will get a permanent 10% off discount. Yes, 10% off – pretty great huh? In addition to your 10% off savings, you can continue to earn money back. Want to know the details? Keep reading…

25% Off Discount

As long as you are a Club Member you will have one special perk available only to you: a 10% off permanent discount on most Tutorials, Adoptables, Tools/Supplies (some exclusions apply) & 15% off all Workshops & Private Classes.

Cash Back with Points!

This discount is not exclusive to Club Members, but is available to everyone and I encourage you to make the most of this discount. All you have to do is shop, write a review of things you’ve purchased or downloaded as a member of the Club, or anything you have adopted. This will take about 5 minutes of your time or less. And the savings will add up for you! This discount can be combined with your Member’s discount as well.

Why am I offering this incentive?

Tutorial feedback is important not just for me, but for future tutorial buyers. You work hard for your money and so do others [and so do I]. I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your tutorial or the product that you purchased; I also want to know what you want me to improve.

How to Leave KatersAcres Feedback

When one of our tutorials has had a review a star rating system appears within the tutorial. Those tutorials with NO reviews have no stars.

How to Leave Feedback

  • How to Leave KatersAcres FeedbackIn order to leave feedback you must first log into your account. [Log into your account by clicking HERE.]
  • NOTE: You are ONLY able to leave feedback on an item that you have purchased. If you have NOT purchased the item, you will be unable to leave any feedback.
  • Choose an item you purchased.
  • Near the middle left of the item you will see a tabs along the screen. CLICK on the tab that says “reviews.”
  • Simply leave your review for the polymer clay tutorials that you purchased.
  • After leaving a review you will be sent an email with a coupon code to be used on a future tutorial.
  • Please note that this discount is only good for 30 days after it is issued. If you do not use it within the 30 day time period, it will expire.

Thank you so much and I sincerely hope you enjoy your tutorial.

Sculpt your dreams,

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