The BIG Issue of Copyright

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Copyright-Infographic by The Blue Bottle Tree


Where’s the Line Between Inspired and Yours?

Ginger David Allman of The Blue Bottle TreeThe issue of copyright is a huge issue globally for artists of any medium. Lately it’s been quite the buzz in the polymer clay community as well. One of my dear polymer friends, Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree made a very gutsy move, put herself out there, and tried to tackle the issue head on. You can read her article here. I applaud her & support her. And in case you missed the end of the article, I agree with her 110%!

Artist’s come in all shapes and sizes and we’re all inspired by someone, something, or some likeness. Knowing the different between ‘inspired by,’ ‘original,’ and a flat out ‘copy’ are very important.


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