Polymer Clay Challenge Week 33, Schrumie Spoonies

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Fantasy Sculptures, Polymer Clay Challenge by Katie Oskin

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge, Week 33

Polymer Clay Schrumie Spoonies© by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | #2016PCChallenge, Week 33

Schrumie Spoonies

Meet the new Schrumie Spoonies part of The ‘Schrumes© collection of hand sculpted polymer clay collectibles by Katie Oskin. Schrumie Spoonies© are hangable Schrumes hand sculpted from polymer clay on vintage sterling spoons.

NEW Schrumie Spoonies© – Gilbert

Schrumie Spoonies© Handmade Vintage Spoon Ornament from KatersAcresGilbert is a Schrumie Spoonie, a carefree fellow who is never quite sure what to think. His smirk just shows how unsettled he is. He’s never quite sure if he should love something and smile, or just plain frown. While not an unhappy fellow, Gilbert definitely has a curious view on life.


Schrumie Spoonies© are handmade on vintage sterling silver flatware; giving them a wonderful new life and restoration. Schrumie Spoonies are all unique and individually made using no molds or forms. They are sculpted by hand from a custom blend of flesh toned polymer clay in a light beige color. Schrumie Spoonies© are meant to be hung as home decor items on trees, curtain rods, chandeliers and more inside your home.

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