Handmade Sculpted Faces – Week 24 of the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge

Posted on June 16, 2016 in Polymer Clay Challenge by Katie Oskin

Handmade Sculpted Faces

Old Man & Old Lady Sculpted Faces - Week 24 of the #2016PCChallenge by KatersAcres

2016 Polymer Clay Challenge – Week 24

It’s time for this week’s handmade sculpted faces. We’re almost halfway through the year (I can hardly believe it) … so if you’ve been keeping up with your weekly challenge, I applaud and congratulate you on a job well done. Last week I asked you to take a moment and to compare your week 1 items to your current items and look at the progress! Do you see a difference? Is what yo are working on becoming easier for you? Are you more efficient at what you set out to do? You should be!

Handmade Sculpted Faces – Week 24

Male Elf-lord handmade sculpted face by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | #2016PCChallengeHandmade sculpted midlife lady face by Katie Oskin of KatersAcres | #2016PCChallengeLike many of my previous weeks, many of my new faces do not have names. I’ve been pretty prolific making faces but have yet to name them all. In one of my FaceBook Groups that I lurk in from time to time, someone asked if I was going to make a “female” face. I’m naturally drawn to older male faces as I think their wrinkles and weathered look is so intriguing. But this week I decided to make a female elder face. She’s probably one of my most favorite female faces so far. I like her so much I also made her hands and shoes by the time she was finished.

A Reminder About “Voice”

As I commented on last week it is becoming increasingly obvious that the “voice” in each of my faces has started to develop. My faces are starting to have a characteristic all of their own. Each leans toward specifics features, look, depth, playfulness, and fun that all of my creations naturally have.

Part of finding your voice is to develop it naturally. It’s not a “learned part” of claying, rather is something that automatically shows up every time you create something.

Your “voice” is something that is going to show up without forcing your hand, it’s natural … exactly why it’s called your “voice.” It’s called that for a reason. While you can not CHANGE the timber, depth, or octave of your natural, God-given voice, you can use it in a certain way that will achieve tones, depths, and resonance. The same is true of your artistic “voice.” Your “voice” as an artist is a part of you; it’s natural and something that you can not hold back. Once you have found your “voice” in your claying, you can hone it, work with it, and try to perfect it … but in the end, it’s always a part of who you are.

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