GIVEAWAY: Top Five Clay Mixing Colors – Ended

Top Five PC Mixing Colors GIVEAWAY by KatersAcres

In honor of Christmas in July, I will be giving away some awesome presents all month long! If you are familiar with making your own color recipes or color palettes, then you probably have familiarized yourself with your favorite polymer clay colors to use for mixing clays. If you aren’t familiar with the way that I mix colors you can get my clay mixing worksheet here. Today I’m offering a really special treat … I’m giving away my top five mixing colors!

Learning to mix your own polymer clay colors is a valuable tool to have in your tool belt and will open all kinds of doors for you. It’s not scary and it really isn’t hard either. With a little bit of knowledge you could be well on your way. My quick start worksheet is sure to help you in that journey, along with this article on my top five mixing colors.

And what would be even better? Winning this giveaway! All you have to do to be enter the giveaway is join the email list below. That’s it! There’s nothing more to do.

Our apologies in advance, however entries are open to the USA only.

Top Five Mixing Clays

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Top Five PC Mixing Colors GIVEAWAY by KatersAcres

Enter to Win Below:

You will win 1, 2 ounce bar of each of the following: Sculpey Soufflé in Igloo, Premo! Accents in Copper, Premo! Accents in 18k Gold, Premo! Accents in Grey Granite, Premo! by Sculpey in Ecru
USA Entries Only. Entering to win will automatically add you onto our email list.

This contest is no longer accepting entries.

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