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KatersAcres Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for it anymore!  
Read what our fan have to say about our items with these KatersAcres testimonials:
  • “I LOVE PARKER!!! so adorable… makes me smile every time I see him with me!” ~Krystal, owner of the Original Parker Keychain
  • “I love my Parker!” ~CanineCloset owner of the LE Glitter Parker Keychain
  • “He’s so adorable, I love him. And I love the card to fill out for him, it’s cute and clever. Thank you!!”  ~AngelasPaperArt, Owner of The Original Parker Cell Phone Strap
  • “Katie’s work can be found in any dictionary under the word “adorable”!” ~Jill Q.
  • “So cute and adorable!” ~Inessa
  • “So adorable!! I don’t even have words” ~ASDesigns

If you have bought one of our items, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this post.

Thank you to each of you, our buyers, friends, and followers for your faithful support and encouragement of our store and our products.  God bless you!

27 thoughts on “Product & Store Testimonials

  1. >Great idea!! You should include a few of these testimonials into each description to help buyers feel better about their purchase!!

  2. >I like getting feedback too. It makes me love my work and my "hobby" so much more!

  3. >Parker is adorable. Glad you see comments by satisfied clients.

  4. >That is so awesome! I love feedback.

  5. >So nice to hear feedback from customers!

  6. >Isn't that nice to see wonderful comments like that?! Congrats!


  7. >Parker sure is a cutie!

  8. >Happy customers are great!

  9. >I could be Parker's friend!

  10. >Congratulations!

  11. >haha katie!! I love parker!!! super cute!! great job on him!

  12. >Lovely testimonials 🙂

  13. >Parker shines with a great personality just like his creator!

  14. >Doesn't it feel good when your customers just RAVE about your items!

  15. >I also purchased a Parker key chain and I smile every time I look at it! Just adorable! 🙂 Congrats Katie on the success of your Parker!

  16. >Congratulations! Very unique product line.

    Can you please add my link to your blog?


  17. >Thanks all for your comments, Parker has been successful and we're so proud of him!

  18. >Yea! The comment button worked this time. You have carved a nitche with Parker. Go with it. Next thing you know, he'll have a fan club and get a big head.

  19. >I think is a great idea. lol I've actually been thinking of doing something similar.

  20. >Love great feedback and Parker is so cute!

  21. >Congratulations.

  22. >Nothing beats nice complements from your customers! Well done!

  23. >Parker is lovey, the green one is adorable!!!

  24. >Have my coffee, you and Parker just made me smile.

  25. >Congrats on your success!

  26. >I always dance when I see a 100% positive feedback! I am sure your customers are very happy when they see your Parker designs 🙂

  27. >It's nice to have satisfied customers!

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