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Katie Oskin, Christi Friesen, & Brenda Lansdowne

A Weekend with Christi Friesen

Sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques

I spent Thursday through yesterday (Monday) morning with the fabulous Brenda Sue of B’Sue Boutiques and the polymer princess herself, Christi Friesen.

A Weekend With Christi

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this weekend for several months…the weekend where I get to spend time with two fantastic women, Brenda & Christi. I’m honored & overjoyed to have such wonderful women in my life who I love and cherish. Truly, there are wonderful people all over the globe, but there must be something about women & clay that makes us all just get along and have a good time. For those of you who are reading this and were there (that’d be you B’Sue Bunch) tell us about the fun you had below in the comments.

I encourage any & all of my readers that if Christi is EVER giving a class near you … take it! It’d great fun, you’ll learn a lot, make oodles of new friends, and have some great memories to cherish along the way.

My Gift to Christi

Canoodle, Handmade Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Wish Dragon from KatersAcresSince Christi & my collaboration on The Friesen Project several years ago, I have a special place in my heart for this lovely lady. Last time I saw Christi I gifted her with a StoryBook Scene that I had made from The Friesen Project. [See this post to read more about that]

This year I gave Christi one of my jointed Chinese styled dragons (done in typical Katie fashion) that I thought spoke to our mutual love of polymer clay … and dragons of course! [You can read about this dragon here]

Christi’s Awesome Personality

Christi CollageIf you’ve ever been to a Christi event, you know that the woman’s personality will not only light up an entire room, but will grab your heart and give you side-splitting stitches from the laughter – or in my case, tears …

Christi’s ability to make you see the extraordinary in the ordinary is overwhelming. Her laughter is infectious too … just ask my goofy table or workmates from Sunday. Yes … we were the rowdy table (hey, every event has to have ONE rowdy group, might as well be us).

The Rowdy Table
The Rowdy Table: Christi, Mary, Joan, Deb, Stephanie, & Me

B’Sue and Her Kindness

Brenda Sue LansdowneThere is one lady who was awful quiet … but her kindness, generosity, love, and joy of vintage could not be missed. I am honored to call this lovely lady my friend … Miss Brenda Sue is so wonderful. She is so kind and giving, precious and gentle. I can’t wait to go and visit her soon, and let her treat me to awesome coffee too!

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The Many Faces of the Weekend

The B'Sue Boutiques, Christi Friesen & Vintage Assemblage Workshop WeekendDeb, Mary, & StephanieIt was such a joy & an honor to meet so many wonderful people this weekend, renew old friendships, and sit with my pals Mary, Deb, & Stephanie (thanks girls, you rock). I made friends I will never forget and was touched by many wonderful faces & spirits.

Mr KatiePerhaps the best comment to me of the weekend was from Mary Reckmeyer who saw my husband out in the hallway and said, “hi Mr. Katie” because she forgot his name. If you know my husband, you know he’s quite the funny-guy. So he delightfully wore around a nametag “Mr. Katie” all weekend. Hahahaha! I wish I could attend more wonderful events like this more often, but I will take them when I can get them. As a bonus though, my friend Annette Caruthers will come and visit this summer. YAY!

The next time Christi comes to your area, you better go and sign up … you will NOT regret it.

Post Script:

Katie Oskin, Christi Friesen, & Brenda LansdowneIn case you want to know what REALLY went on this weekend … here’s a picture that summarizes all of it. Shenanigans … nothing but shenanigans.

Thanks for joining me today and happy claying,

3 thoughts on “Christi Friesen Workshop

  1. Great blog about a wonderful weekend! It had talented creative instructors, Brenda, Christi and you, along with all of the super attendees. It was so much fun plus learning some really cool techniques. Thank you for all that you did to make this a great weekend!

  2. Oh, you are so correct, such a full and fun weekend! You were also an important part of our event! Thanks to your introduction last year I was one of the first to sign up this year. We learned and laughed so much this year that hubby brought me home since my voice was going. I will recuperate a couple more days and hopefully finish up my projects. This trip is truly worth the flight or drive wherever you are located.

  3. Quiet? Me? Lol. Well my voice doesn’t carry like yours, dear one. And you were the glue that held it all together. Had you not been there, the event would have suffered. We three make an awesome team. Clay will always be a part of my events, and I hope so very much that you will be, too!

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