The Magic of a Bic Ball Point Pen

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Girly-Girl Glittery Polymer Clay Covered Pen by KatersAcres

You Can Do What?

What can polymer clay and a bic pen do? LOTS!

I absolutely love meeting new polymer clay artists.  The first thing they say when I ask if they have made a pen yet is: “You can do that?”  I giggle to myself and tell them, yes, you can do that.  It’s a simple, easy, & basic project.  Even for beginners.  This is not the first time that I have written about polymer clay pens, feel free to click the link to see some awesome talent.  Tomorrow I am releasing a NEW tutorial on YouTube, just for you wonderful folks on how to cover a polymer clay pen.

Fun to Create & to Keep

Polymer Clay Pen Book

Polymer clay pens are so much fun to create and to keep that there have even been books written about cute & unique designs you can make yourself!  From simple shapes and figures, millefiori cane-covered pens, and even pens that double as noteholders.  There are so many cute pen designs to create.

Here on my blog tomorrow, I will be offering a FREE video tutorial on covering a basic Bic pen (as shown above) with glitter.  It’s a girly-girly kind of a pen (at least the one I show in the tutorial), but it’s great for a beginner or someone who has never worked with clay.

Learn How to Cover a Pen in Polymer Clay Here

1 thought on “The Magic of a Bic Ball Point Pen

  1. Thanks for sharing this Katie. I love creating pens, one year I gave them as stocking stuffers. They make great gifts and look so pretty on the desk or in a pen holder. 🙂 That PolyPens book looks like it’s filled with fun pen projects! Looking forward to your tut.

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