Polymer Clay Studio: What’s In My Spinner?

Inside KatersAcres Polymer Clay Studio, What's In My Spinner | Come and See the Tools I Use Daily

One of my favorite posts that other artists do is a glimpse into their studio. I love to see their workspaces, how they create, and even the tools they use. While this post will NOT be exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, it will definitely give you some great insight into my daily grind in my polymer clay studio.

Inside Kater’s Acres Polymer Clay Studio

My Bamboo Spinner

My bamboo spinner from Pampered Chef is one of my favorite items in my studio. I received it as a Christmas present from my Mom in 2012. She actually bought it for herself for her kitchen tools, but her tools were too tall and ended up “flopping” out of it. Long story short, she hated it for her kitchen tools. She was going to return it but thought that it might be just the right size for my studio. You know what? She was right. Thanks for the tool caddy Mom!

What’s In My Spinner

Needle Tools

Sculpting Tools

Texture Tools

Cutting Tools & Blades

Other Tools

Around the Spinner (But Not Inside)

This listing of tools and miscellaneous items from my polymer clay studio (at least the ones in my spinner) is by no means exhaustive. I have tried, loved, & hated many tools in my day. But the tools in my spinner are the ones I reach for 95% of the time.

Have you tried any of the tools above? Did you like them? Which are YOUR favorites? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for joining me today,

Happy Claying,

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