Making Coordinating Color Palette Demonstration

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Making a Coordinating Color Palette

Color can be such a daunting task for so many, but it really doesn’t have to be. With just a few simple hints, tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve taken all the guesswork out of making a coordinating color palette for your project.

Things to Remember:

  • ALWAYS save a portion of the clay you are using as the main color of clay from your project from the very beginning. Just get into the habit of cutting a bit of extra off. I always make plenty extra and cut at least 1/5-1/4 off of the amount I start with for anything “extra” I might need. This includes a custom color palette I may need to make along the way.
  • As long as you have done the first step above, you will always have a custom color palette and can make any color palette imaginable as long as you keep your color wheel in mind.

Watch the Video:

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