How to Make a Mold & Use It

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Bamboo Worksheet by KatersAcres

Many of you have likely wanted to use a mold with sculpting but not wanted to make it look like you used a mold, right? Well, in conjunction with this month’s free worksheet I handed out for your Club Membership, both the Basic & Premium Member’s are getting this free bonus video on how to make a mold and how I use it in sculpting polymer clay without it ever looking like I used a mold in the first place.

Points to Remember:

Bamboo Worksheet by KatersAcres
  • When making a piece you’re going to mold, do NOT add powders, pigments, or mica onto those pieces.
  • Make sure the pieces you are going to mold get a full and long bake. I always ensure at least a 45-60 minute bake, especially on smaller pieces.

Watch the Video on Mold Making:

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