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Do you ever visit a site and wonder what the favorites are? Do you ever wonder what people really love? What customers are purchasing? Since I’m a polymer clay whimsical sculptor, teacher, and basic tools & supplies shop there’s a lot here and a lot of things you can miss. So I’ve made it really easy for you to find the Customer Favorites and try out some of the things sculptors and artists love most from the site.

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Favorites of Many

How does something get a designation of “favorite?” That’s a really good question! To be designated as a “favorite” it has to meet the following 3 criteria:

  1. Sold to Multiple Customers Repeatedly.
  2. Sold for More Than 3 Months Repeatedly.
  3. Receive Positive Feedback (not necessarily here on the site as a “star” rating)

Where to Start

If you’re brand new to whimsical sculpting or polymer clay in general and you don’t know where to start let me offer a few suggestions for you. The first is this: any new hobby is exciting and fun, but you don’t need all the tools, all the glam, pieces, and parts right away. Get started with clay and a few basic tools. There are over 300 free tutorials right here on the site to help you. If you enjoy those and want more, I have a Sculpting Club you’re sure to love!

Secondly, information on the internet can often be free, it isn’t always right. Know your sources. I test everything published on this site for you. However, read below as to why there may be differences in what I do and why something may not work for you.Also, if you don’t know Ginger from The Blue Bottle Tree, get to know her. Ginger can be trusted. Her information is tested and accurate.

A Word of Internet Caution

“…information on the internet can often be free, it isn’t always right. Know your sources…”

The internet is wonderful! It unites us all and unifies us in a way that wasn’t always possible. Please know that what works for one person may not work for another. Why? Because literally hundreds of factors go into a finished result. Factors like: brands of clay, types of sealer, what’s put in a sealer in one country versus another may vary, technique, tool type, oven variations, etc. Free information is just that, it’s free. It’s important to always try things for yourself. Experiment. See what results you get. You’ll learn a lot and have fun along the way too.

Sculpting Blessings,


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