Why a Whimsical Sculptor?

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Why Choose to Be a Whimsical Sculptor? from Kater's Acres

There are lots of things that you can do with polymer clay. From making gorgeous jewelry, creative millefiori cane assembly, realistic sculpture, tiny canvas creations, mind-bending geometric designs, steampunk faux metallic pieces, and a huge variety of other things you can come up with that is only inhibited by the size of your imagination! So then why would you choose to use polymer clay to by a whimsical sculptor?

Bloom Parker - Polymer Clay StoryBook Scene Figurine by KatersAcres

Sculpting whimsically is generally done by people who have a certain heart temperament, attitude, and zest for life. It’s done by people who are generally easy-going, simple, joyful, with large personalities, exuberant, and desire a hopeful take on all of life’s circumstances and situations. Whimsical sculptors’ work varies from simple to complex, but always evokes a general feeling of joy, even in the macabre.

Whimsical Sculptors surround themselves with color, pattern, & playful elements and details. Some of these features are seen and known only to them. But others are staring right at you and you would never even know it. They have a desire to make their pieces feel like an extension of you and your personality too; wanting you to bring them into your home, your world, your space. And for many creative types, the desire to create and sculpt just like them, is a desire that is strong … and for good reason!

Fall Face Door Hanger by Katie Oskin MAIN

For many whimsical sculptors, it’s not just their designs, sculpts, figurines, dolls, and characters that we are drawn to. Because their personalities are usually big, fun, and filled with joy & compassion, we are generally drawn to them too. We want them to be a part of our world and we willingly invite them in; soaking up all the goodness of who they are into our lives. And you know what? That’s completely normal. Because that’s what we do when we like someone’s work, their art, and appreciate their talent. We want to let them know it!!! And we do that by supporting them through the purchase of the art, supplies, taking their classes, going to their lectures, and showing up when they come to town. We’ve done that for centuries, there’s nothing new about doing this, it’s part of being human.

Why Choose to be a Whimsical Sculptor?

The Schrumes© - Handmade polymer clay troll figurines by Katie Oskin

So you’ve been toying around with polymer clay for a while and you’ve now decided that jewelry making, caning, and realistic sculpting just aren’t your thing. So you’ve found yourself here, wondering what whimsical sculpting is all about. More than anything, whimsical sculpting is about the strength and power of your own imagination. It’s about seeing something that’s not quite there but could be there. It’s about transformation, patience, and persistence. Unlike jewelry making where in a matter of a few hours you can have several stunning pieces or an entire set or series of pieces, that same amount of time will see you with just one (or less) finished pieces. Sculpting (whether realistic or whimsical) requires patience on your part as you make and add each individual detail, blend seams, see possibilities, design, and change features. It will also require persistence as you learn to balance figurines, balance features, and sculpt in your own voice making pieces truly yours and not a copy of someone else’s.

Maybe you’ve never tried it before and you’re scared, don’t worry … it’s just clay, you can’t hurt it, so give it a try! If you make something you don’t like, you can just smoosh it up and try again and again. Maybe you’re excited and you can’t wait to try something new right now! Maybe you’d like a little help along the way from like-minded people with projects, giveaways, and friends you can meet and form relationships with; if that’s the case you can join the Whimsical Sculpting Tutorial Club. In any case, I’d love to help you along this journey into becoming a whimsical sculptor.

Sculpting Blessings,

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