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Do you know what happens when you have polymer clay supplies that you sell? Sometimes you have too many and sometimes you end up with just that very last one. Instead of having sales, we have an OVERSTOCK section right here on site.

Squishies Spectacular Sculpting Miniature Brush Set from Kater's Acres

This OVERSTOCK section will rotate often. One day we might have it, and the next day we might not. So be sure to check back often and if you see it, grab it up! Some of the items in there are items that are also full price like the brush set shown at right (not guaranteed to be there when you are reading this post) that at the time of posting I had far toooooooo many of. Whoopsies.

None of the items in this section are of low or bad quality. They are the same quality as the full-priced items, but due to crowding, limited space in my storage area, and incoming product demands, we just need to make room. So, what better way to pass the savings on to you than to create this savings section here in the shop.


The Overstocks will carry tools, supplies and on sale tutorials. There will be no workshops or adoptables in this section. When we open this section (later today) you will see all of the items shown at left. Many of these items there are only ONE of. If you want any of those items you must be the first. We do not replace the season or Club Themed items in the shop, they are a single time item. This helps keep our inventory fresh and revolving; that way when you come to shop for supplies you are always getting a fresh look at new supplies & content here at Kater’s Acres.

Remember $4 Flat Rate Shipping

If you live in the United States, remember that we offer $4 flat rate shipping. This means you can fill up your cart and shop until your heart is content and we take care of the rest*. Here at Kater’s Acres, you don’t have to worry about inflated shipping rates or paying extra for everything you put in your cart. We try to be extra friendly to your wallet every place that we can.

We offer our apologies to our international customers. We can’t offer you the same great shipping rates. Shipping rates from the United States overseas are terribly expensive. We ship all our items at cost and if we have charged you more, we will always send you back the overages.

*This does not apply to large Adoptables or pieces of Art*

Sculpting Blessings,


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