How to Sculpt an Old Man Face

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Polymer Clay Old Man Face Tutorial by KatersAcres

I have been getting many requests for me to share with you the techniques and steps I use to sculpt my faces. Right now I am fascinated with old man faces. This walk through will show you how to sculpt an old man face in polymer clay.

Inspiration for my Faces

Polymer Clay Book of Month - April - Fairies, Gnomes, & Trolls by Maureen CarlsonDawn SchillerFor many of you who have been around the polymer clay world for awhile, you will likely see the influence of both Dawn Schiller and Maureen Carlson in my faces. I have mentioned and reviewed both of their books here on the site: “Faemaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay” by Dawn Schiller [read the Top 5 Polymer Clay Books Post here] and “Fairies Gnomes and Trolls” by Maureen Carlson was our book of the month for April.

As I have been making my faces throughout the 2016 year, I have come to quickly understand what I like my faces to look like, which features are the most prominent, and the general “look” of the face … what polymer clay artists call their “voice.” [Read last week’s Polymer Clay Challenge post to hear more about my “voice” in my faces.]

Polymer Clay Old Man Face Tutorial by KatersAcres How to Sculpt An Old Man Face

Please Note: these are my own steps and techniques that I use every time I make a face. Learning how to sculpt an old man face takes time and patience, but can be done pretty easily. Many artists start their faces and have a different “step” process. There is no right or wrong way to sculpt a face; the right way is whatever works for you. You can use any amount of clay that you would like depending on how big you want the face to be..



Polymer Clay Fantasy Face Sculpture by Katie Oskin of KatersAcresWhen you are done baking your face, it’s time to add the paint details. It’s the finishing details that really change the piece and add to its’ personality.

Sculpt Your Dreams,



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