Top Five Tutorials of 2019

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Top Five Tutorials of 2019

Every year the Kater’s Acres family [each of you who purchase, make, & support Kater’s Acres] has tutorials that they choose to adopt into the favorites more than others. What I mean is, these are the most purchased and most beloved tutorials of 2019.

Number One: Polymer Clay Color Palette Worksheet

This worksheet takes the top prize this year. This worksheet was released early on in the year. It’s in this worksheet where I share my no-nonsense approach to color and how to have zero scrap and how to make dozens of colors from just a few original colors. This worksheet is straight forward, easy to understand, and will help you in your guide to creating custom colors for all your projects.

Number Two: Learn to Make Faces in Polymer Clay Bundle Pack

I love making faces that are whimsical, fun, sometimes festive, but still have an element of realism. My faces aren’t dark, scary, or spooky … but once you learn the basic principals of how I make my faces, not only will you love it, but you will learn the principals of building that will help you to create any face you’d like: fun, funky, spooky, mysterious, elegant, and so much more. I’ve combined all my favorite face building tutorials into one bundle pack so you can multiply the savings. My steps are easy, fun, and sure to teach you a lot about your own ideas of facial symmetry along the way.

Number Three: Polymer Clay Cane Slicer Instructions Using Bookends

Did you know it was possible to make your own tools? I’ve shown you how to make several free tools here on the site, but it doesn’t stop with just simple tools. You can also make your own slicer. My Dad and I got together and made our own slicer. It’s not as complex as some, but it’s sturdy, accurate, sharp, and the blades are super easy to change. And the best part? You can make it for about $35! If you know how to use some simple hand tools & power tools then you can absolutely make this yourself in an afternoon. These are all the instructions you need to do it.

Number Four: Reversible Petal Cane Worksheet

One of my absolute favorite canes! This is a cane that I came up with back in the flower phase (yes, I definitely had one of those). I was tired of making a cane that I could only use one way … especially when I knew that Skinner blends could be used multiple ways. So … I got creative and decided to make a reversible petal cane that could be used two ways. One skinner blend, two canes. Yes! Now that was fun. So here’s a super fun worksheet that is sure to keep you making petals for days and days. Enjoy this one.

Number Five: IT’S A TIE!

For the first time ever there’s a tie for the number five spot. So I present to you you’re two fifth place tutorials.

Number Five: Polymer Clay Galaxy Technique

This is truly one of my favorites. Not only is it fun and unique, but I introduce new materials and supplies into the polymer clay world. It’s definitely a technique that takes some practice getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the results are truly breathtaking and out of this world (see what I did there?!). This tutorials offers 3 ways to accomplish the same result, so you’re sure to pick up on one faster than the another. If you haven’t tried this yet, maybe 2020 is your year to try something truly out of this world.

Number Five: Polymer Clay Kokeshi Doll Tutorial

One of my favorites again: I loved them when I created them and I still love them. [Some of them are even left for adoption too.] These little Japanese girls are so fun to create. From their bright colors to their tiny flowers, the symbolism in their dress to their hairdos. You will learn it all in this tutorial. This tutorial also comes with an accompanying freebie; how fun!

All of these tutorials and dozens more are available in the Tutorial Shop at any time. There’s over 140 tutorials to choose from, each suited from beginner to intermediate. All my tutorials are written in an easy to understand format and flow. If you haven’t decided to choose YOU in 2020, I certainly hope that you do. Learn something new, take a gamble on yourself. Believe in you and watch yourself grow and become stronger.

If you’d like to showcase what you’ve done with the tutorials, please come over to the Whimsical Sculpting Group on FaceBook and share your creations.

Editor’s Note: The Premium Sculpting Club is always the top #1 as it contains most of the tutorials that are released throughout the year. The number two spot this year goes to the Basic Sculpting Club as it contains 75% of the tutorials that are released on the site throughout the year. For this reason, both of these programs have been excluded from this article. You can join either club here or at the links below.

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