WIP Wednesday: Polymer Clay Studio Ideas & More

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WIP Wednesday: Polymer Clay Studio Ideas & More | CLICK for Ideas, Hints, Tips, & More

This January overview will hit the high points of our WIP Wednesday for the month. Why just the highlights? Because as a working full-time polymer studio, there’s always a lot of things that go on here in NW Pennsylvania that I can’t always share. The reason is because sometimes they are for upcoming tutorials, super secret collaborations or future projects. In other words, I can’t always share everything I’m working on, but I can share some things with you. Today’s WIP Wednesday features a few things you may

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Here’s some fun glimpses into what’s been going in this January overview here in my polymer clay studio (clockwise from top left):

  • WIP Wednesday: Polymer Clay Studio Ideas & More | CLICK for Ideas, Hints, Tips, & MoreDo you like Project Life, do scrapbooking, or like to add tip-ins into your journal? Why not make your own Project Life cards using your artwork? I did that this past week. These are sure to be a source of inspiration for my journal.
  • The ‘Schrumes are happy little elvish troll fellows (and a few ladies) who live deep in the forest. I’ve received lots of questions regarding them lately. Yes, they are available for adoption. You can get them here.
  • My word of the year is “Discover” and this is my art journal page and self portrait (well, kind of), inspired by LifeBook dedicating 2017 to this cause (more on this in a future post).
  • The snow has hit us this week in NW PA and I’m so happy for that. But there are parts of the country that are NOT happy with all their snow. This little melting icicle reflects that. I’ve had quite a bit of fun making a bunch of these. You can learn to make your own here.
  • Do you ever find that some week’s there’s that one product you can’t stop using. This past week it was Lisa Pavelka’s PolyBonder. If you’ve never used it, it’s great stuff!
  • Want to learn to make your own little Toothpick Kids? In February, Parker’s Clayful Tutorial Members will explore how to make these Toothpick Kids and how to balance them and give them personality and character, all without adding ANY facial expression. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks.
  • This past week I got so tired of searching for that ONE color of green paint I needed, something had to be changed … so, an early spring clean was what the doctor ordered. Now all my paints have been shelved, I can see there, and there’s no more hunting for 10 minutes before I find the one I need. Thanks StudioMojo for the mention too. 🙂
  • Last but not least, where would I be without my lovely chalks. My love affair with using chalks to shade the faces I make in polymer continues.

COMMENT BELOW: What has inspired you this week? Is it an underused supply? Is it a newly sculpted piece? Let us know in the comments below.

Notes and Tidbits:

  • Check out StudioMojo, a paid monthly subscription eZine that delivers every Saturday to your email.
  • Don’t miss this FREE Valentine’s Day Sweater Heart Pin Tutorial from our archives.
  • It’s week 5 of the #2017PCChallenge and it’s not too late to join the fun. Come on over and join the 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge.
  • Scott Publications is closing Polymer Cafe MagazineRead the details here.
  • Don’t miss Teresa Pandora Salgado’s Steampunk Cuff Bracelet Video Tutorial here.
  • Debbie Crothers new, highly anticipated Swellegant veneer tutorials are available now and are discounted through the end of February.
  • On a personal note: This year I’ve made it my mission to DECLUTTER the house. Yep, you read that right. So far in January, I have taken two car loads and donated items to the homeless, local library, local shelters, and goodwill. We don’t believe in items going to waste; anything that could be donated, we made sure was. It’s starting to feel good to declutter our home and life.



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