Free Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Tutorials

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Free Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Tutorials by KatersAcres

Here’s our free polymer clay Valentine’s Day tutorials that you might like to try your creativity with to make for someone you love this upcoming Valentine’s Day. With over 200 free polymer clay tutorials here on KatersAcres, it can be a daunting task to remember where they all are. Valentine’s Day is a favorite Hallmark holiday of many and a joy to create for, and these tutorials showcase a portion of that love! Come try out these free tutorials below.

Polymer Clay Color Palette in Kissable Colors

Polymer Clay Kissable Colors Color Palette & Color RecipesNothing says Valentine’s Day than juicy pinks, reds, and purples. I put together this perfectly juicy and a *little bit* metallic color palette to help bring some added dimension to the standard reds and pinks used during this claying season. GET THE COLOR PALETTE RECIPES.

Polymer Clay Scrappy Heart Pin Tutorial

Scrappy Sweater Heart Tutorial by KatersAcresI love using up scrap polymer clay and there’s no better and easier way to do it than to whip up a few of these scrappy heart pins for yourself, Mom, Grandma, or any of your girlfriends! Try to make them in dozens of colors using up just your scrap clay. You might be very pleasantly surprised. GET THE TUTORIAL.

Polymer Clay Valentine’s Day Owl

Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Owl Tutorial by KatersAcresThe phrase “Owl Always Love You” has gone around for years in different forms and usually has a heart covered owl as its character. This is a mini-tutorial that is a spin-off of the general theme. I hope you enjoy today’s FREE polymer clay Valentine’s Day owl tutorial. GET THE TUTORIAL.

Pillow Polymer Clay Heart Pendant Tutorial

Polymer Clay Pillow Heart Pendant Tutorial | FREE DIY Project from KatersAcresYou can never go wrong with a puffy heart pendant for Valentine’s Day. This easy (and lovely) little pendant will whip up in quite the hurry. Don’t miss this free written & video tutorial was done in conjunction with B’Sue Boutiques.  WATCH THE TUTORIAL NOW.


Valentine’s Day Book Tutorial

DIY Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Book Tutorial by KatersAcres | CLICK to learn how to make your ownThis DIY polymer clay Valentine’s Day book tutorial will show you how to make a cute little book for someone you love this Valentine’s Day. You can fill the book with whatever sentiments you’d like. Here’s a few ideas for you: coupons, reasons why (the recipient) is loved, positive affirmations, love quotes, love scriptures, special memories with your loved one, or anything else you’d like to include.

14 MORE Heart Themed Tutorials

Valentine Heart Tutorials for Polymer Clay on KatersAcres BlogThree years ago I used to do posts showcasing tutorials from around the internet (this was long before Pinterest became popular and was more for technophiles). So from the 2014 archives … here’s the best of 2014’s polymer clay heart tutorials on the internet. Here’s some of the best (and most popular) that I could find online. Enjoy & feel free to repin them if you’d like. GO THERE NOW.

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  1. Morning. I am currently making windchimes for outdoors. Will the clay figures I cut with cookie cutters withstand the sun and rain in the summer? Thank you.

    1. Yep! They will be just fine. Do NOT seal them with anything. It is the sealers that will not withstand the elements. Because clay is vinyl the colors may fade over time, but you will be good to go! Enjoy!

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