Polymer Clay Review: Premo! Sunset Pearl

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2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay in Sunset Pearl

Premo! Accents® Polymer Clay Review

Polyform’s 2015 Color Releases – Sunset Pearl

2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey Accents®

Sunset Pearl Polymer Clay Review:

  • 2015 Polyform Color Review - Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay in Sunset PearlBrand / Line: Premo! Sculpey® by Polyform
  • Name: Sunset Pearl
  • Color Shift Rating: 1
  • Softness Rating: 7
  • Notes:
    • There is NO color shift in this from unbaked to baked & I absolutely LOVE that. Polyform’s Premo! line over the years has been much better about color shift, with just a few of their colors having massive “shift” effects post baking. The same can not be said about the SculpeyIII® line.
    • It could be because the clay is so new & hasn’t had time to “settle” yet, but as a general rule all metallic clays from Polyform containing mica tend to be MUCH softer than other clays. This clay is a “7” on the softness scale, but is MUCH softer than any other color Polyform released this year. This may change over time.
    • The mica in this color is so soft and gorgeous I can barely stand it.
    • Of all the colors Polyform released this year, this one is my favorite. I will use this one a lot.
  • Palette Considerations:
    • This color looks gorgeous paired with the new Wisteria & Sunshine, both from the Premo! line.


Read more about my Color Shift & Softness Ratings here.

The polymer clay for this review was generously provided to me by Polyform.

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2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Review: Premo! Sunset Pearl

  1. Hi Katie! I love your blog, your color recipes & palettes are amazing! I’m having a difficult time trying to find a recipe for sunset pearl. I haven’t found it in stores in over a year and would just like to make it myself (but I can’t seem to find a recipe online). Do you know the recipe?

    1. I don’t have a recipe for this color, I’m sorry. But you can try your own using Premo Blush and Premo Pearl with a tad of yellow and that should get you close.

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