Skinner Blend Leaf Cane Tutorial – Poinsettia Part 2

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Skinner Blend Leaf Cane - Poinsettia Tutorial Part 2 by KatersAcres

Welcome back! This tutorial is part 2 for the caned poinsettia project. You can find part one here.

There are lots of different ways to make a leaf cane, I can think of 4 different ways off the top of my head. I made this leaf cane the way shown in this worksheet because I wanted the gradient side portions. Most of the details are an exact copy of the way you completed your petal canes for the first part of your tutorial.

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Making a Skinner Blend Petal Cane – Poinsettia Project 1

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Skinner Blend Flower Petal Cane - Poinsettia Part 1 by KatersAcres

First, there is no right or wrong way to make this cane. I make it differently than some people, and I know that some people will make it differently than me. That’s okay. Once you can get the Skinner Blend mastered, it’s all a matter of using your sculpting skills to gently “persuade” the clay to do what YOU want it to do.

The following tutorial is PART 1 in making a caned Poinsettia petals & leaves.

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Meg Newberg’s “Cane Builder” eZine

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Meg Newburg Polymer Clay Artist

Cane Builder eZine Subscription

Polymer Clay Canes by Meg Newberg

I have hosted Meg on my blog many times, why? Because not only is she a truly wonderful person inside and out, but I admire greatly her creativity and ingenuity when it comes to creating caned designs. Today I am offering a review of Meg’s “Cane Builder” monthly eZine subscription.

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Christmas Star Cane Tutorial

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Meg Newberg Polymer Clay Christmas Cane Tutorial on KatersAcres Polyclay Blog

Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial “Christmas Star”

This week I am featuring one of my favorite artists and online friend, Meg Newberg. Meg has joined us here on the blog several times. Her ingenuity and love of polymer clay canes are truly magnificent! She will be joining us 3 times this week to share her love of clay & polymer clay millefiori canes. Today she’s sharing a polymer clay cane tutorial just in time for Christmas.

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Meg Newberg and Her Awesome Canes

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Meg Newberg Polymer Clay Star Cane Free Tutorial on KatersAcres Blog

There’s something I really admire about other polymer clay artists: canes.  Why? Because I can do simple canes, but complex canes that take time, perfection, & patience … they are just NOT for me!  So when I make friends in the polymer clay community, I like to tell the world about it.  Though I have never personally met Meg Newberg, I can say that she is a wonderful young woman with a heart of gold.  One of the things I greatly admire about her and her talent (not to mention those gorgeous canes) is how she makes even the most complex canes, simple. Continue reading Meg Newberg and Her Awesome Canes

Polymer Clay Snowflake Millefiori Cane by Meg Newberg

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Snowflake Cane Examples by MegNewberg on KatersAcres Blog

Polymer Clay Tutorial for Snowflake Millefiori Canes on KatersAcres blog by Meg NewbergDon’t you just love winter?  I know that I do.  Winter is my second favorite season, second only to fall.  Living in NW Pennsylvania near Lake Erie, we get a LOT of snow every year.  We live in the snow-belt region of the country and I love it!  Yesterday I was delighted to showcase the art and talent of Meg Newberg. Meg does a lot of awesome things with clay, but her best are made with millefiori canes.  Today she’s going to show us her snowflake cane and where you can purchase the tutorial to make it yourself as well.

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Tutorial: Cut Millefiori Canes Like a Pro

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Cut Perfect Millefiori Cane Slices with this Quick Tutorial from Kater's Acres

One of the hardest things to do is to cut a cane in an even, thin slice, without any drag.  When I first began working with polymer clay millefiori canes, both raw & baked, I had the hardest time cutting them in thin, even slices.  One side would always be thicker than the other or I’d adjust my blade halfway through the slice and create very unpleasant “drag marks” on the sliced piece of cane.  After several years, I got smart and solved my problem…

It’s not easy to cut a millefiori cane with accuracy and precision every time.  Trust me, I know.  But there are a few things that you can do to make your millefiori cane cutting adventures a little easier.

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